Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A day in my life...

If you would like to participate and share a day in YOUR life, leave me a message in the comments or email me at pinkflipflops44 at gmail dot com! No matter how boring you think your day is, someone else is out there wanting to read it!

5:36 - I wake up and hear Isla crying.  I pretend to be sleeping and wait until my husband wakes up about 30 seconds later.  He goes to the bathroom and checks on her, brings her into the room so he can go BACK into her room to locate her pacifier and she cries and cries as I try to comfort her.  She is a daddy's girl and she did NOT want him leaving her with me.  He comes back with the pacifier and takes her back to bed.

6:06 My girl is crying again, so I go in, rock her and put on her music.  She's out.

7:25 I hear Isla talking and go get her for the day.

We nurse and I change her diaper and then we come out and listen to classical music on the tv and play for until she starts acting as though she could use a meal.

8:36  Breakfast time.  I eat half an English Muffin with peanut butter and strawberries and 1/2 a banana with my coffee and Isla has half a banana, half an english muffin, some blueberries and milk in a sippy cup.  I ate all of mine.  She did not eat all of hers. ;)

After we eat, I go and get her dressed for the day and we come back out.  We read The Alphabet Book twice and the Animal book twice.  We nurse and then we go back to my room so I can get dressed.  I get dressed and she plays in my room.  She starts laying her head on the floor so I ask if she wants to take a nap.  She sits up and puts her hands up.  I take that as a yes.

9:50 Isla is down for a nap and I do my hair, check the laundry, get our bags ready for work, write out a blog post and try to catch up on some Internet stalking, while watching In Plain Sight on demand.

10:20  Isla is crying, I go in and she snuggles in.  We sit down on the couch and she cuddles in for a few more minutes and then plays with the remote and we play with her music table, read Goodnight Moon and Baby's First Numbers and then have a snack.

11:00 I eat some guacamole with chips and a coke and Isla has graham crackers and avocado. I nurse her and we are off to daycare.

11:38 She is dropped off to daycare and I am on my way to the store because half-way to daycare I realized I had forgotten to brush my teeth.  Whooops.  Must by toothbrush/paste.

12:00 I get to work.  Finalize some checkpoints, clean up the room, organize my thoughts and talk to my assistant.

12:30 Kids arrive.  We head down to lunch.

1:00 Free choice time! Kids play with whatever, I run through letters with a little girl, do some sorting / patterning activities with a little boy and girl, referee some boys, run the lists for certain well loved toys, pass out folders, have kids pick what songs we will sing at carpet time, and basically ran around like a chicken with my head cut off!

2:15 Clean up time.  Today's clean up was later than normal because the Art Table was busy with a Mother's Day project and we weren't doing a small group today.  After clean up we head over to the carpet and do the pledge of allegiance and than calendar time.  We finish calendar time with songs,  today's choices were the ever popular Alligator Song, 5 Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed and 5 Yellow Ducks, followed by our CD Song, My Mother is a Baker.

2:45 Recall and Snack time.

3:00 Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear as a class as we are practicing for our performance at the end of the year.

3:10 Head down to the gym to ride bikes and play.

3:45 Kids are goneeeee.  Try to finalize one more time, can't figure it out, organize stuff, address envelopes for post office and head out the door.

4:15 Do my thing at the post office and off to pick up Isla.

4:38  Isla and I are on our way home.  We get home and play and I put broccoli and asparagus in to roast in the oven and start some mac and cheese on the stove top.  Dinner is smoked pork leftovers and baked beans with what I'm making tonight.

yeah, she reads goodnight moon, while playing with the mouse and using screwdrivers, don't you?

5:40  We all sit down to eat dinner.  Isla whines until I am basically handing over my whole plate.  She LOOOOVES baked beans.

6:06 Isla is getting ready for bed with her dad and I clean up the kitchen.  We all go out to the living room to play/work/hangout but Miss Isla is a teething mess.  Super whiney and by 6:45 I am putting her tush in bed, even though she napped from 1:00 to 3:45!

7:00 I'm done ha.  Chill on the Internet, type this up, watch The Voice, cook spaghetti for small group tomorrow and get our bags around.

11:00 Lights out...

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