Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Recent Posts That Have Me Nodding My Head v.2

Two weeks in a row? Can it be? Here is what I've found fasincating in the blogosphere this week..

Why I'm Opposed to NC Ammendment 1 by LawMomma is an EXCELLENT post on why marriage in North Carolina and really, the United States should not be denied to same-sex couples.  It's absurd.  And I'm glad she touched on the fact that she is Christian and if Jesus would be in support of equal marriage rights.  I mean he did say to one love another, did he not?

Let Her Dream by The Wannabe Athlete focuses on all of that LOVELY advice been there done that mom's want to give new moms.  If it's unsolicted? 95 percent of the time, it's unwanted.  Callie brings up good points, let them dream and figure it out themselves.  And WHY are women so hellbent on saying, "THAT WILL NEVER WORK?"  Arses.

As I was reading Everyday Isha, it reminded me why I teach.  Even after spending an extra day long (on teacher appreciation day, with no appreciation) I love my job.  My families may not verbally thank me, but their children do daily.  Thank a teacher.  Seriously. 

What did you read this week worth sharing?

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