Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recent Posts That Have Me Nodding My Head v3

And again... this is what I've found interesting and feel everyone needs to read.. ;)

I am loving everything Law Momma has to say lately.  After Amendment 1 did NOT pass in North Carolina (I can't even begin to talk about how disappointed and annoyed with other human beings this makes me) she wrote a LOVEY post about her Christianity and how she is taking it back.  How God and Jesus are love, accepting and nice.  Now, if ALL Christians DID that, I don't think there would ever be as many people who automatically think Christians = hate.  Because, I'm high up on that list after MANY MANY bad experiences.

And then she went and talked about letting boys be themselves, just like we push our girls to do, which I completely agree with.  I feel so bad for boys who have parents who don't encourage their interests if it doesn't fit in with what they think is the 'right' thing for boys to do.  If girls can be and do whatever they want, so CAN boys.

Then, Time Magazine decided to join the controversial topics of the week with their Are YOU Mom Enough?  What the blog? Firmly said about everything I wished I could come up with.  Magazine covers don't start Mommy Wars, mommy's do.  Get over yourself, get some confidence in your choices and do your thing.

What did you read that's worth sharing?

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