Friday, October 28, 2011

The Scent of Rain and Lightning - Discussion 4

Happy Friday! Welcome back to the final discussion over The Scent of Rain and Lightning by Nancy Pickard! I've really enjoyed this book and I'm glad someone suggested it, or it wouldn't have made it to the top of my TBR pile for awhile!

I felt like the book ended with a lot of action, which I like, and only hurried itself through the part where Meryl is identified as the killer.  I found the part where Belle identified his bow tie thingie and then immediately opened the box to be quick without her at least revealing some doubts that she'd always had of him or something.  It just seemed to quick and clean.  But I had guessed that Testament Rocks would eventually give Jody a clue.  Funny, how she was always drawn there and that was where Laurie did die.  Kinda freaky.

1. Did the identity of the killer surprise you?

2. Do you think Laurie deserved the ending she got?

3. Do the Linders ever abuse the power they have in the community?

4. What was your overall impression of Chase's character? Did he evolve?

5. How does the story reveal the challenges of forgiveness?

6. Was Meryl essentially a good man, despite his affair with Laurie and his role in Hugh-Jays's death? Can a person hide his or her true character from his or her family so successfully for so many years?Do you think Belle always wondered, which was why she was so quick to open that box? And seriously, WHY THE HELL DID MERYL KEEP IT AROUND???

7. Do you think Laurie would have matured or would she have stayed the same?

Thanks for participating!!! Come back next month! ;)  If you'd like to guest post next month just let me know!

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