Thursday, October 20, 2011

CinderHazel: The Cinderella of Halloween

Everybody knows about Cinderella, but do you know about Cinderhazel? This is a 'funny' take on Cinderella in a Halloween theme.  It's aimed at Kindergarten - 2nd grade but I would make sure that whomever you are reading this to,is pretty well versed in the regular old tale of Cinderella.  And also understands irony, and other weird jokes.

Basically, Cinderhazel likes to be dirty, really dirty. Why? Who knows, it's never explained. She has two evil stepsisters Hermione and Hildy and an evil step-mother.  There's a ball for Prince Alarming to find a witchy bride and he also likes to be dirty, apparently.  There is a witchy godmother and a flying vacuum.  Yeah.  It's interesting.  And Halloween is really an after thought.

This is really not my favorite Halloween book but I'm sure it would appeal to some kids. It does have very clever word play and for a smarter bunch they could really be tickled by it. 

Will I be reading it to my preschoolers? No.  It's over their heads and they talk about putting spells on people and I don't think putting spells on people would be a hit with the preschool parent crowd.

Compare and contrast Cinderella with Cinderhazel.  You could use a Venn Diagram.
Have child pick a different familiar fairy tale and write their own new version.  Sleeping Ugly anyone?
Have child make masks of characters in the book and put on a play.

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