Friday, October 14, 2011

Discussion 2 - The Scent of Rain and Lightning

Oh my word.  The end of this section had my heart melting at how Chase calmed his niece and rid of her fear of storms.  It almost took away the thought of him flirting inappropriately with his brother's wife. 

I feel like I am too cynical for this book.  I keep wanting someone to say WHERE THE HELL IS LAURIE? DID SHE KILL HUGH-JAY? Did she run away? Cuz, just accepting that Billy killed her? Come on people, get interesting.

I will say that it hooked me and has me interested.  Except for when they start mentioning the landscape, but I think I've established before, I don't do descriptions.  Just tell me what's going on and give me dialogue!

1.  Do you like the scent of rain?

2. Who do you think killed Hugh-Jay based on the clues so far?

3.  If you were one of the Linder children, how would you feel about the way the parent's seem to treat their children?

4. What do you think of the relationships the siblings have in the Linder family?

5. What is your impression of Belle?

Thanks for participating! Come back next Friday to discuss chapters 21-32!

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