Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Day in the Life...

I am starting a new weekly feature called "A Day in the Life..."  I not so secretly like knowing what other people do with their day.  It sometimes motivates me to be less lazy or assures me that my level of laziness is normal.  Validation and all that jazz.  I'm starting out with myself because I'm just an attention whore like that and just know that you want to know what I do with myself all day long.  Wait no more.

7:48 – Isla wakes me up.  Yay we slept past 7:15, I feel much better already.
this is her.. mom wtf mate.. it's toooo early for photos!

I feed Isla, change her diaper, get her situated on her play mat with toys and I make myself coffee and oatmeal.  She ‘talks’ to me while I eat and then I check my email while she is still entertained.
MOM.. stilll tooo early for photos...

 8:37 We are DONE with the play mat.  We talk/yell at each other for a few minutes and I transfer her to her excersaucer thingie and turn on Today.  Ewww Martha Stewart is on and I am not a fan.
this is verrrrrrrry interesting..

While she plays I talk with her and catch up on some interneting.

8:59  There are dangerous sounds coming from the drawers of the wee one.  Better wait out the 9 am dressing for a few minutes while the rumblings subside.  Ironically, she gets very happy and talkative at this moment haha.

9:06 It is time to face the diaper and get dressed.  Hold me.  The rumbles lasted a long time.

9:17 Isla is dressed and adorable in one of her 2 sets of Halloween Baby Legs.  Why I thought she needed twi for this holiday is beyond me.  But she sure does look cute!  Now she is playing in her bumbo with toys while I finish my coffee.

she was not impressed with me...

9:24 Isla eats again.

9:36 Baby girl is tired and we attempt to put her down for a nap.  Screaming ensues.  Pacifiers fly out of crib.  I try to get dressed for work.

9:53 A location change to the swing and Isla is asleep.  I’m dressed and make-uped for work.  Only need to brush teeth.  My hair is super easy because I work with preschoolers who share head lice.  So a bun and lots of hair spray is my easy hair-do every Monday-Thursday.

dont mind all the freckles/moles and pasty white..

9:55- 10:10 I get my ham, cheese, tomato, mayo and Dijon sandwich made, Kashi crackers and grapes counted out and ready and a granola bar.  This will be my lunch and snacks before, during and after school.  Teaching afternoon preschool kind of screws up my lunch time.  I get Isla’s bottle ready for daycare and pour my first bottle of water since my husband and I are doing a water challenge and if we don’t meet our daily goal we throw a quarter in the spring break fun money jar.

 that was a most delicious sandwich.. never did eat the granola bar..

10:10 – 10:30  I pump, take fenugreek and watch Today.

After pumping I eat my sandwich, finish putting everything into our bags for work/daycare and get meat out for the chili I am making tomorrow.  Tonight’s dinner is leftover salsa/corn/black bean pork tacos turned into nachos so there is no dinner prep for this morning.   I drink water and relax. 16 ounces down!

11:00 – Wake up Isla, feed her take her to daycare. 16.9 ounces down in the car!

12:00 – Get to work, prep the room and the kids arrive around 12:30.  Head down to lunch and eat my crackers and grapes.  When we get back to the room I finish the Brigance testing, run a small group, make copies for when we review letters tomorrow, run calendar and weather.  It’s raining so we stay inside for recess.  After the kids leave I unhook our old computer, hook up the new one and head out to pick up Isla. 38 ounces down at work!

4:25 Isla and I are headed home.  She passes out and sleeps in her carseat for a half hour while I catch up on email and prep our dinner.

5:15 Isla is up and hungry.  I feed her, we play for awhile and then I put the nachos in the oven and I eat dinner. 16 ounces with dinner!

6:20 My husband comes home.  He eats, we hang with Isla, she eats two more times and is in bed by 7:15, and has to be moved to the swing before she whines herself to sleep around 7:30.  Somebody give me back my happy baby.  Teething baby is no fun.

 7:15 I catch up emails, blogs, facebook, twitter and write a post.  My husband watches Man vs Food which turns into a bad decision of mozzarella sticks and I sip on another 16 ounces of water.

 8:48 Hop in the shower.

 9:00 Criminal Minds!

10:00 Pump

10:30 Isla wakes up so I feed her after my husband can’t calm her.

 10:48 Lights out..Goodnight.

So, what did recording my day teach me? I spend a lot of time on the Internet. (duhh already knew that, now you do too!)  Also, drinking lots of water is easy when you spread it out alllll day.  And I weirdly woke up at 748 and went to bed at 1048.  Interesting. 

Next Tuesday, Amber, will be sharing a day in her life with us! If you would like to participate you can shoot me an email at pinkflipflops44 at gmail dot com and we can add you to the line up! I hope you are all as excited about this as I am!

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