Monday, October 17, 2011

Clifford's Halloween

Emily Elizabeth's favorite holiday is Halloween! Last year she dressed up as pirate and Clifford was a ghost.  This year she is going to be a fairy princess but Clifford is still undecided. 

This is a cute quick read that preschool through first grade would enjoy.  It briefly touches over how Clifford celebrates other holidays and how last year's Halloween went.  As most Clifford books go, the enjoyment comes out of the pictures.  This one does not disappoint with amusing pictures of Clifford scaring people because of his largeness and a dunking for apples mishap.  Whenever I've read it, I always get giggles from the kids.  Clifford is always a favorite.

Potential ideas to go along with the book?
 Easy - Have children color in this picture of Clifford with the Halloween costume they think he should have.
Medium Ability - Have children write a sentence and draw picture of what Clifford should be for Halloween. 
A little harder - Also read Clifford's First Halloween and compare the two stories. How are they alike? How are they different? How does Clifford's size affect his choices? Practice story-retelling.

What's your favorite Clifford book?
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