Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flat Out Love

Flat Out Love by Jessica Park is a modern quirky love story.  Julie Seagle moves to Boston for college and on her first day learns that the big city isn't always kind.  She and her mother were duped by a craigslist ad and her apartment that they put a deposit on, and first and last month's rent is non-existent. Thankfully, Julie has a sense of humor about the deal and her mother calls in a favor to her old college roommate, Erin Watkins and Erin and her family invite Julie to stay with them.

The Watkins house is a bit different than Julie's home.  Especially since a cardboard cut out joins them for dinner and not one eye is raised.  Thirteen-year-old Celeste apparently has issues with her brother Finn being away and to cope, has made herself a Flat Finn.  Matt, Celeste's brother, is an extremely smart math dork who is as charming as he is annoying.  Roger, the dad, is a bit absent and out there, but a really kind-hearted father figure when he's around.  Erin, the mom, is emotionally distanced and a little in her own world.

Julie settles in with the Watkins and falls in love with them all. Of course, she must fix all of their problems and starts communication with Finn, to learn the ins and outs of his family and to try to get Celeste okay with him being gone.

Of course, there is drama, and of course nothing is as it seems.  However, it is as it all seems if you are paying attention to the painfully obvious clues.  I figured out what the big secret in the family was fairly early on.  It was an okay book but sometimes, I had to shake my head that a real person wouldn't be THAT dumb and oblivious.  Then at the end I had such HIGH hopes that a book wouldn't end with all the worlds problems solved and then of course we had to add in the last chapter and fix all the world's problems.  But besides that, it was a quick easy read and those that enjoy YA would probably really enjoy this book as well!

The banter between Matt, Celeste and Julie is great and overall, all the character parts are well developed and executed well.  My only issues are with believability.

I received this book from Crazy Book Tours.  All thoughts and feelings are mine and mine alone!
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Author & Book Information:

Jessica Park is the author of FLAT-OUT LOVE, the young adult novel RELATIVELY FAMOUS, five Gourmet Girl mysteries (written as Jessica Conant-Park) and the e-shorts FACEBOOKING RICK SPRINGFIELD and WHAT THE KID SAYS (Parts 1 & 2). She grew up in the Boston area and then went to Macalester College in frigid St. Paul, Minnesota. During her freshman year, there was a blizzard on Halloween, and she decided that she was not cut out for such torture. So she moved back to the east coast where, she'd forgotten, it still snows. Oops. She now lives in New Hampshire with her husband, son, bananas dog named Fritzy, and two selfish cats. When not writing, she is probably on Facebook , pining over 80s rock stars, or engaging in "Glee" activities. Or some combination of the three. Probably with a coffee in hand.

Jessica loves to hear from readers and does her best to get back to everyone who writes her! You can e-mail her HERE. Tell her about your ex-boyfriend who was a font nerd. Or send pictures of awesome Flat People on adventures. (You get bonus points for this. Possibly some sort of award, too.) Stories of online romance. Apartment rental disasters. Skydiving experiences... Whatever you want.
And like any normal person, she has an online addiction, so you can find her on FACEBOOK, GOODREADS, TWITTER, and blogging at What the Kid Says about her kooky conversations with her son. Her young adult book, RELATIVELY FAMOUS, has its own website (greedy book!), so stop by for more info.

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