Friday, May 27, 2011

The Blue Orchard - Discussion # 4

(Hey all! Welcome back to our last discussion on The Blue Orchard! We will start our first discussion on Something Borrowed on June 3rd! Lisa kindly led the discussion for this last discussion.  I've really liked hearing how everyone has had different feelings on this book.  I liked it, but I like talking to other people who didn't like certain parts or characters because then it lets you think more about the intentions of the book/author and that is one of the reason I like our reading group! Thanks again this month for Kelly and Lisa for their guest posts.  If you ever want to help out, send me a comment/email and we will make it happen.)

Greetings, it’s Lisa of Lisa’s Yarns!  I’ll be discussing the last section of The Blue Orchard.  At the start of this last section, Verna and Dr. Crampton get arrested and the trial takes place.  

Before I get into my questions, I’ll share my general view on the book.  For whatever reason, I never was able to feel much of a sense of empathy towards the characters in this book.  To some extent, I thought that Verna became this spoiled, materialistic person.  She emphasized how much she spent on clothes – even though Dr. Crampton warned her not to flaunt her wealth.  I didn’t feel like she was assisting in these procedures because she felt it was the right thing to do for these women – she did it because it was extremely lucrative for her.  I should also probably mention that my dislike for the book is largely influenced by my stance on abortions.  I don’t want to even get into that whole discussion because I am not a fan of talking about religion or politics, but I felt like it was a disclosure worth making – mostly because I don’t think it would have mattered how likable the characters were, I probably still would have struggled with the book.

Now for the questions!

  1. Were you surprised that Verna didn’t testify at the 2nd trial? 
  2. Were you surprised that, after going through the trial, Dr. Crampton wanted to continue doing those procedures?  Do you think he wanted to continue to do the procedures because he cared about safety and well-being of women seeking that procedure, or because of the money?
  3. Verna really seems to “find God” at the end of the book.  Do you think this plot twist fit in with the book?  Was it believable to you?
Thanks again Lisa!!! Links to the other three discussions 1 , 2 , 3 !  And thanks to all who participate!

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