Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Traveling with Kids

Kelly wrote this post back in March about traveling with kids and the different places in the U.S. that CNN Budget Travel deemed Must See's by Age 15. It got me thinking about how I have only been to 2 of those spots in my 27 years (Disney World at age 16 and Niagara Falls on the Canadian side ate age 20). We love traveling, mostly to warm locations that include a beach and fruity drinks and some Jimmy Buffett, but I also am a history nerd and would love to travel and take our kids to Washington D.C., Philadelphia and other historical landmarks/cities.

As a child, I did most of my traveling within the mid-west. We spent many summers in Northern Michigan staying at Burt Lake, Lake Ann, Spider Lake, Traverse City and the Upper Peninsula. We also visited places in Ohio near my grandparents, Neil Armstrong Museum, Toledo Zoo, Sea World and a really cool re-enactment in Chillicothe about Tecumseh (history nerd, remember?).

Anyhoo, I want our kids to experience different things and go on vacations as a family. And I still want to enjoy vacations with just the hubby. Here are a list of places that I want my kids to experience before they are 15.

Traverse City, MI - I LOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE Traverse City in the summer. There are wineries, beautiful lakes & beaches and tons of houses/resorts/camp grounds to check out.

Florida - A beach vacation is needed. I love Ft. Myers and my parents adore Anna Maria Island. I am not picky. We just need to go at least once to a beach in Florida, preferably on the Gulf Side. ;)

Upper Peninsula of Michigan - I think this is a must for any Michigander in their childhood. There is so much to see and it is so pretty! I would love to take a random camping trip through the U.P. and see as much as we can, including the Beautiful Tahquamenon Falls. I haven't been there since I was 14 and it was gorgeous!

Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn MI - I also think this is a must-see for Michiganders. It has sooo much history and helps explain about our beautiful state.

Washington D.C. - A part of me doesn't really want to take my kids there until middle school or high school. I think that would be the ideal age to appreciate everything. However, if they are as nerdy as us, they will definitely enjoy it!

Comerica Park - They have to experience professional baseball at least once. And what better way than visiting the D and seeing the Tigers. ;)

Ohio Stadium - MOST DEFINITELY. Because of course all our children will pick the correct team and be cheering for the Buckeyes!!! I am so excited to share in my kids first experience at The Shoe. I just hope that I can be in attendance to see their face when the Bucks take the field! Going to have to utilize Grandpa's season tickets. ;)

Local Theatre Productions - This is something that is important to me. Exposing my kids to theater and musicals and plays. We live near two very very good local groups that put on fabulous productions.

So, my list is a bit unconventional and a tad short, but I am trying to be realistic here! There are also other locations that get semi-included under the broad topics I listed. Like the U.P. trip? Totally going to include Mackinaw Island, Soo Locks, ghost towns and more. Traverse City? I also encompass that as in my kids will enjoy time on the Lake Michigan side of Michigan and see some darn good sunsets. ;) Also, we plan on camping a lot and seeing things that way. But I think this list is an achievable/reasonable look at what I hope to accomplish with my kids in the next 15 years!

What do you want to share with your children? Any favorite childhood vacation memories?

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