Monday, May 9, 2011

All 4 Alabama

As everyone knows, the South was hit pretty hard by tornadoes a few weeks ago on April 27th.  Particularly the state of Alabama.  Some wonderful ladies have organized All 4 Alabama whose goal is to raise money for those affected by these storms. 

They have chosen two areas Phil Campbell and Hackleburg, AL that are small middle of nowhere places whose residents have been devastated by the tornadoes.  These places aren't close to the bigger cities but need just as much, if not more help.  All money raised will go directly to these two towns to give help to those who no longer have homes, jobs, or familiar surroundings.  ENTIRE neighborhoods have been destroyed.  The morning coffee you grab at your local gas station? Their gas station is GONE. NO MORE.

All 4 Alabama will be holding auctions starting tomorrow, May 10th, to raise money.  Or you can donate directly on their site .  A link to the rules is here .

 If you are a reader like me, I know that you will be interested to know that they have had contributions from Megan McCafferty, Beth Revis, Kelley Armstrong, Bree Despain, Lindsey Leavitt, Rachel Hawkins, Jennifer Echols, and Irene Latham.  Make sure you check it out!

And, if you could do them a huge favor, would you mind spreading the word? Twitter, facebook, word of mouth, all would be fabulous ways to help raise money for areas in Alabama who are truly hurting.

Another way to help?

Thanks to author Lindsey Leavitt, if you make a purchase at ANY Barnes & Noble or on their website between May 7th - May 14th and use bookfair # 1048605 10 percent of the sales using this code go to United Way's West Alabama Tornado Relief. 

I know I did not do this great idea justice, so for more information check out these awesome blog posts about the All 4 Alabama Auction!

Crystal one of the organizer's of All 4 Alabama

Jessica Writes..

And don't forget to check out the All 4 Alabama site!

Thank you for reading, spreading the word and helping those people who have lost everything.  I cannot even imagine.

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