Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Related Pet Peeves

1. Book Snobs -I ONLY read the classics. I ONLY read YA. Chick Lit is horrendous I ONLY read... Yeah, if you have ever uttered any of those statements or anything like that, I don't like you and roll my eyes at you. Do you want a cookie? Should we be impressed that you don't read books of all kinds? Have fun looking down your nose at the rest of us, while we enjoy books by all authors and of all different sorts of genres!

2. Stereotypical Teen Roles in YA - If it sounds like something straight out of an after school special or a movie about teens as opposed to what teens really say? I'm not a fan.

3. Scenes/Typos/things that are impossible - When Character Y is suddenly talking about something that happened where it was established they were not there or were doing something else then, I notice. If you say something that is just not possible and it is a realistic fiction book? I judge. Typos and grammar errors? I notice. These things bug me.

4. Library books that smell like cigarettes - Ughh.. Talk about a sneezy/headachey read!

5. Murder Mysteries that are so implausible I roll my eyes - I mean, I am sure if I was a REAL detective or lawyer or anyone with REAL (non-book, non-tv knowledge) of courtroom/police dramas more things would bother me. But when I, as just a super fan of reading/watching on tv notice situations that are not plausible nor do they make sense like when the nice old lady is really a psycho kid hating lunatic whodunnit, I judge.

6. Books that cost 20 plus dollars - Okay, I'm cheap. I love the written word and I have bought one or more in my time, but I can't justify that price for a book. It sometimes puts me into a position where I don't read author's new stuff for years because I cannot justify the cost. It's ridiculous! Heck, I won't pay more than 10 dollars to see a movie which gives me just about the same amount of time/satisfaction as buying a book does. And I suck at re-reading. I always mean to do it, but there ARE SO MANY books left out there that I haven't read yet!

7. Children/Baby books that don't make sense - I'm sorry but if there is no effin point to the story I am not buying it for my kid. I wouldn't buy an adult book that has no point, why would I do that to a kid? Do you WANT them to be interested in reading? Parents/readers know that if there are too many words on the page we just make up our own for the kids anyway. Please don't skimp on content!

8. When everything is wrapped up neatly and you want to know more - Okay, so we've traveled with the characters through the tumultuous plot line and now everything is neatly made up and BAM nothing. I would like to continue reading about these people. Don't just end because it's wrapped up!!

9. Yawn worthy details - I frankly don't give two shits about how the reflection of the sun is illuminating the sturdy trees that sway gently in the mid afternoon breeze as the red robin tweets around the park while the boy waits for the blond haired blue eyed most beautiful and fantastically popular girl to meet him by the creaking old swingset by the old wooden barn. When this goes on for paragraphs or pages? I skip or put the book down.

10. Book Blogs that only Review the positive - You can't OMG loooove everything you read. There are flaws to books, it's okay to not like things. But then again, when you whore yourself out to receive free things from people I can see where you OMG looooove everything.

11. When People Think Authors Can't Have Opinions - Or that they can ONLY say nice things about other authors/books. No. Please be honest. Just like I don't want to hear gushing OMG I love's it from people who just whore themselves out for free books, I want REAL opinions by people who have experience with books. Does it have to be cruel? No. But honest, I did not care for that would be nice. But then, I wish for a world where ones opinions didn't somehow magically affect their job.

What are some of your book related pet peeves?

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