Monday, January 31, 2011

Why I Do What I Do

(all spellings kept the same except for names)

To Mrs. D (last name was spelled wrong and it was written on the board)
Title: Ws(Student's name) faverit Teacher
I Like Mrs. D shes my faverit teacher of all, like Mrs. M, I Wright this poem for the teacher I like the mosste her name is Mrs. D thats her name,
Its a pritty name it's priter name I'v ever herd, some times she letss uss play hangeman She wood normmily wood strt out frust when We play hangman,
It's time to go we go out the door she givs me a hug sometimes.


I have known this little guy since January 2008 when I taught him Math. In that time period he has changed schools four times and I have no idea of how many homes he has been in. He struggles in school, if you couldn't tell from this letter, he is immature for his age and he doesn't have any friends that I know of. His clothes do not fit and he smells of dirty gym socks. Every time I sub, he is always a kind courteous young man who jumps to help me and ask about my day. He tells me random stories and always gives me a hug. No matter the trouble he gives other teachers he never gives me any. He may lack a lot of school smarts but he doesn't give up and he tries his best for me. Which is all I ever ask.

This letter made me cry today, not only because he obviously put a lot of effort into this but I saw his face when he was working on it (didn't know what it was at the time) and it was one of the most determined faces I have ever seen. This was most likely more writing than he has done in weeks. He left this on my desk without telling me and when I read it, tears streamed down my face just thinking of all the people in his life who are failing him and yet he still takes time to be kind to little ole me.

He is why I don't give up and throw in the towel. He is the reason I go into the schools day after day and treat students the way I want to be treated. He is the reason I fight for change and accountability.

W is in 5th grade. Bless his sweet little heart.