Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Me Monday: For the love of blogging....

Some wonderful ladies that I have met through twitter, Katie & Miranda, are hosting a week long blogging feature called, "For the love...of Blogging" and I thought I would jump in and play along this Monday morning.

Today we are supposed to introduce ourselves and our blogs. So, hi. I'm pinkflipflops and I like to read, drink wine, bright colors, try new recipes and talk. A lot. I am also pregnant with my first child and due in May. ;) Very excited about that.

My blog started as a place to write my thoughts on books, reviews and connect with other nerds who enjoyed reading. Since then, I have started a group read where anyone can join in and we discuss an agreed upon book once a month. This month we are reading The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve and February's group read was just voted on and we will be reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.

I also have random thought posts, rants, at least one weekly pregnancy update, recipes and just a lot of random. Hence, the name, Many Thoughts of a Reader. Not everything here is books.

So, take a look around and please leave a comment and tell me something about yourself. Do you like wine? Got a kind for me to try? Favorite book that I just haaave to read? Let me know!

I also just was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from mchupie over at ...And Baby Makes Three. (GO CHECK OUT HER ADORABLE BABY GIRL!!)

As part of the award you are supposed to share 7 things about yourself and link to some of your favorite bloggers. So, thanks for checking me out. Learn a bit more and the check out some of my favorite blogs. ;) Hope to 'meet' you soon!

1.) I love coffee and almost always prefer it to be just plain black coffee. I do not understand the Starbucks hype and very rarely am willing to part my money for so-so taste. However, I will say that the peppermint mocha is amazing.
2.) I watch The Biggest Loser but I watch it about a week late, on demand and I barely pay attention until the weigh in/voting off. Or if I notice someone whining.
3.) I like to plan running training plans but then never seem to get past week 2 and never actually run a race.
4.) I am not a fan of blogs that post pictures of the food they eat but then don't tell you how they made it. Um, thanks for showing me that delicious dish but how am I supposed to make it??
5.) I can waste an entire day on the Internet. Easily.
6.) I very rarely go to the movie theater and watch a movie. Even with free movies on demand I very rarely watch movies. I do not believe I have watched a single movie this month so far.
7.) I love Ohio State. It gets a bit ridiculous. What some people find amusing, is that I went to MSU and support them, but to an extent. My number 1 love is and will always be THE Ohio State University. Except, that I am a little peeved at their football team and Mr. Jim Tressel for their little rule breaking that occurred and the fact the ones in trouble got to start in a BCS football game when they should have had to learn a hard lesson and sit out. So what if they would have lost, which they would have. Integrity is more important. Sad.

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Make sure you check out Katie and Miranda's blogs for a blog hop (to meet more new peeps and for a week of excitement!)