Friday, January 14, 2011

The Weight of Water - Discussion #2

As, like the first discussion, be prepared for spoilers. This is over pages 65-135. Feel free to add thoughts, opinions, questions or anything else. Here is a link to the first discussion. Anyone is free to contribute, the more the merrier!

Very brief Overview

In this section, we learn of Jean and Thomas's early life together and especially the time after Billie joins their family. Jean reveals certain parts of Thomas's past to Adaline because she is jealous of their relationship, things the general public does NOT know about the poet. We also hear more from Maren. We learn how she met, married and moved to America with John Hontveldt.

My thoughts / opinions / questions

"I learned that night that love is never as ferocious as when you think it is going to leave you." pg. 71

What does this quote mean to you?

I tend to agree with it. And what teenage girl wouldn't? I mean can you think of all the times you thought everything was ooovveeer because of a relationship ending?? When the end of something is near it seems like people either fight harder for it or make it seem more important than it ever really was.

pg. 73 Celia Thaxter - was an American writer of poet and stories who was from Portsmouth

Was anyone else surprised about the story of Thomas's scar? I'm surprised Jean married and had a child with him, ESPECIALLY since he IS STILL a drunk. pg. 87

"We have a way of making love now, a language of our own, this movement, signals, long practiced, that differ only slightly each time from the times before. " pg. 93 SOOO FREAKING TRUE.

"That a man pays only a little tax on the land he actually owns, and is not filling the pockets of the idle, who do no work at all. " -John talking about life in America pg. 100 (hahahahahahahhaahahahaha .... oh how things have changed )

I really enjoy reading the parts of Maren's account much more than the present day stuff. It keeps me wanting to know more and keeps me interested in the book, where when Jean is the narrator it tends to drag.

a map of the Isles of Shoals

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1. "No one can know a story's precise reality," Jean points out (p. 117). Discuss the significance of this statement as it applies to Jean's reading of Maren's journal. Should she -- should we -- believe Maren's document as truth?
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