Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My kid owns cuter clothes than me

I did a really good job of not buying anything for the baby until we found out if it was a boy or a girl. I am not a big fan of gender neutral clothes and while I did browse, I just never found anything that I HAD TO buy. Of course, until the week BEFORE we found out where I went and splurged on about 8 pairs of baby legs/baby socks. So cute. My mom did buy 2 Halloween outfits, 1 girl outfit and 1 neutral skeleton outfit before we knew but we did pretty darn good. Since then, our little girl has been spoiled by me and others! Here are some pictures of things I've either purchased or gotten as gifts...

My friend made me this blanket for the carseat. The ribbons represent our team colors OSU/MSU/U of M.

My SIL gave our little girl these. The one on the left is a 3 month size and the other is a 6 month size.

Ok, I got these fleece pants yesterday and they are soooo soft. Target has INSANE deals right now and I got those for less than 4 bucks! They are 18 months but every girl needs her fleece pants!

How stinkin' cute are these? I got the sleeper on sale yesterday in a 12 month size and the green/brown outfit (size 9 months) from Kohls. 16 bucks for both!

Ahhh the monkey! I die. I got both of these from Target yesterday as well. The sleeper is a 6 month size and was around 5 bucks and the other outfit is a 9 month size and was under 4 bucks! All together I walked out of Target pay 12 bucks for the pants, sleeper and outfit!

Okay, I freaking LOVE these oneies. They have the cutest bow on them! I got those in a 3 month size and the sleeper in a 12 month size on sale at Elder-beerman yesterday! These were a total of something like 14!

GO GREEN! I got the adorable itty bitty hat and bib from my aunt and uncle at Christmas and my mom's friend got us the sweatshirt for Christmas!

Okay, I am in LOVE with the dress. It is 12/18month old from Old Navy and I love it! My friend and mom weren't as in love with it, but I am envisioning pairing it with skinny jeans or leggings! I gave the pink/polka dot outfit to my husband on Christmas. It has the cutest elephant on it and it says Daddy Loves me! It is in a 9 month size.

I kind of have a rule against buying newborn sizes but the 2pack on the right was on sale for 4.99!! She will wear them at least once ha. I got them at the Carter's Outlet. The onesie on the right is from the Gap Outlet. Super cute.

Here is one of her THREE!!! (yes why she needs 3!!! is beyond me) Christmas dresses. I bought this right after Christmas at Kohls. I had eyed it up earlier in the season and I love it. It is not overly Christmasy and it is fun and hot pink. haha. My mom has bought her a really cute dress and apparently my MIL did too. Where she is going to wear them all I have no idea. Since we are only doing 2 days of Christmas. Whatever.
I am trying to stay away from (as in I am not) buying the pale pink baby color. ewwwwww. I love buying clothes for her and wish I could look as cute as she will in them! And the sad thing is, she owns waaaay more than this. My mom has a bunch of stuff for her and my friend does and my ML. And my aunts. Oh well, bring it on!!!