Thursday, January 27, 2011

Letters to People Vol. 1

Dear Twitter,
I really did not want to use new twitter and then I did and I liked it. Then you stopped loading more than a page. I am not happy. I would like to easily be able to read all of the people I follow. I suggest you fix this before you get rid of old twitter (that still works for me) or I will not be a happy user.
annoyed twitter user

Dear Swagbucks,
I get that not everyone fits into the right demographic for your surveys. That is fine. What is NOT fine is having me answer about 10 minutes worth of questions to then tell me I do not qualify for the survey. WTF? I just wasted my time answering questions that obviously will be used for something and in return I get 0 Swagbucks. I suggest that if you have someone answer more than the basics (age, income, nationality, type of employment) you need to give them SOME Swagbucks. You irritate me and I get annoyed that I just wasted time. It makes me get all irritated and want to hate on the super mega store who exploits their workers, who you had me answer questions about, more than I already do.
Irritated Swagbucks user

Dear Husband,
I so appreciate when you put away dishes (pretending that I don't have to ask about 10 times, I mean it did just take 3 days for you to take care of the counter full of empty pop bottles). BUT, you must put away the dishes where they go. Don't know where they go? ASK ME PLEASE. I mean I don't really understand how you can put away the crockpot and not put the lid with it, but I suppose those things happen. But, if you are going to put them away in completely opposite locations, could you please remember where the lid is? So we could make the amazing Buffalo Chicken Tacos that were posted on Iowa Girl Eats? Please and thank you.
your annoyed wife

Dear politicians/people who think they know everything,
We do not need anymore "new" teachers. There are plenty of highly qualified college graduates who are EXCELLENT educators who know their stuff and WANT TO BE IN THE CLASSROOM. However, government cuts, government requirements and gosh darn stupid mandatory state testing are part of the MAJOR PROBLEM YOU HAVE IN EDUCATION. Yes, there are some pretty crappy teachers out there, hence why I became one. How do you start getting rid of them? Well, the retirement incentives are a good start. Another? HOW ABOUT YOU ACTUALLY HAVE PRINCIPALS DO REAL Observations on new teachers? How about you make sure teachers ARE teaching? How about you make sure you don't give tenure to someone who is there for summer's off and because it is any 'easy' job?How about making sure PRINCIPALS are doing THEIR jobs? How about making sure hiring committees are fair and really DO have the best interest of the kids and it is not a who knows who competition? And how about, you please hire me because I guarantee I do care about kids, I do care about making kids into life long learners and I have high expectations that do coincide with state requirements without making learning 'suck.' But more empty promises and telling more people to become teachers is not going to solve the education 'problem.' I suggest scrapping the whole shebang and starting over again.
an annoyed unemployed college graduate who gives a damn and knows a thing or two about the education system that she speaks of

That felt pretty good. Carry on now.