Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recent book happenings..

This summer I went through a phase where I found some new books via various peoples book blogs and put them on hold at the library. I JUST got one the other day and it is soo good I am addicted like crack. Like, if I didn't feel like I would be soo lost if I didn't catch up on blogs right now, I would be reading it. It is called Commencement and written by J. Courtney Sullivan. So far so good. I'd recommend it on the first 40 pages. :)

I also stopped into Target tonight to grab some deodorant and decided if I could find a book between 5-8 dollars that I really wanted to read I would pick one up. I found Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. I watched all of Season 2 of True Blood on HBO in September when I was sick and I really wanted to check out the Sookie Stackhouse Series. I read 3 pages while waiting for the hub to try on a tux for the wedding he is in this weekend. It is a nice fun light reading style which is what I need in my life.

I have not started Pride & Prejudice yet, I am going to try to finish Commencement by Sunday (I only get it for three weeks) and start up reading P&P. If I don't finish it by Sunday, either way I am starting P&P!

I have had a busy week and another busy weekend. Tomorrow I am back at work and realized I didn't stop to pick up some pictures I need to do our project I wanted tomorrow, so basically my entire lesson plan for tomorrow and Friday need to be arranged, and I am wondering how the sub did and who it was. I also am going to have parents in the room the next two days so my plan of, let's just go to the gym for 20 minutes tomorrow, probably shouldn't happen. Depends on the weather, if it is raining, we are so going to run off some steam in the gym! After work, I am going to visit my grandma (mom's mom) in the hospital because she is not doing well at all. I really CANNOT handle losing another grandparent this year so I am hoping she can pull out of this. This weekend we have wedding rehearsal and wedding. The cold weather is not making me excited, however it should be around 50ish this weekend. Yay..

Now I must catch up on all my blogs..

Have you bought/found any new books recently?


Anonymous said...


CRAVE: THE SEDUCTION OF SNOW WHITE by Cathy Yardley (Romance/Fairy Tale) - I was really excited about this book...halfway through and it's not as good as I'd hoped.

RAVISH: THE AWAKENING of SLEEPING BEAUTY by Cathy Yardley (Romance/Fairy Tale) - I really am dreading this one since the other one is just okay.

UNMASQUED: AN EROTIC NOVEL OF THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA by Colette Gale (Historical Romance) - I read her second book first. This is the first book she published under this name. Awesome.

Ashley said...

I have purchased all eight of the Sookie Stackhouse books (nine hasn't come out yet) and I haven't read one yet. I am hoping to get one read during Christmas break and then the rest will probably have to wait until summer. I just can't justify reading "fun" books right now when I have so much to read for school :(

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Right now I am reading "The Help" for my bookclub that i just started w/ a girlfriend. It got rave reviews from multiple people and I am really liking it - hopefully it will spark a good discussion!

Next up is P&P, which I already own. Just hoping it's on one of my book shelves and not boxed up in storage...

Then, when I am done w/ P&P I plan on reading "Traveling with Pomegranates" which was written by Sue Monk Kidd (sp?) and her daughter - its a travel memoir that also examines the complexities of the mother/daughter relationship.