Monday, November 9, 2009

Grandma June

I don't think anything I can say can do my grandma justice but I am going to try. She and I are a lot alike and yet so very different. We both love history and politcs but fall on very far opposites of the political spectrum. As my one uncle said the other day, "Fox News is going to go bankrupt." They definitely lost out on one of their number one viewers. If there wasn't golf on the tv, there was Fox News. And she wasn't a quiet Fox News watcher, no she was always vocally agreeing or disagree with whatever was being said. She did not keep her opinion unknown. I inherited that from her. I however, did not inherit the tact and kindness she would use when dealing with people.

Grandpa, my bro and my Gram after a bball game

However, tact and kindness did NOT entire into the political spectrum. There she let her naughty words fly. Speaking of naughty words, she taught more than a couple of her 12 grandchildren some pretty choice words. Actually, in her casket with her is a notecard with a message from my cousin with some of the very words my grandma taught her. There were a few cousins who had to have their mouths washed out after spending time with grandma, she certainly liked her 4 letter words. Nothing to bad, but nothing a school teacher would want to hear, or a parent. :) I myself at age three, may have said to my grandfather as he and she were driving me to the hospital to meet my new brother, "Damnit Walt. You've done it now. You've missed the turn!"

at my wedding in 2007

She was always reading. ALWAYS. I got my love of books from that sweet spunky lady. She was a fan of romance novels, porn for ladies as I call it. She also read books about history and tried to dable into literature. She turned up her nose when I let her borrow Ragtime, but tried to make me feel better by saying my uncle the English teacher said it was very good. I have so many books that I've gotten from her, that I don't think I will ever find the time to read them all. We would switch our books back and forth and she introduced me to an awesome used bookstore. I will miss her opinion and her awesome stash of books to borrow. After moving into the new apartment she shared with grandpa, she was ALWAYS on the couch. She slept there at nights because the bed wasn't comfy and she always was laying there snuggled under blankets her nose buried in a book.

my aunt, my mom and gram at her 80th bday party

She'd also always order my grandpa around to do things for her. I found it so adorable that he could never say no to my grandma. Whatever she wanted, he gave it to her. And honestly, the relationship my grandparents share was very special. She was his JuneBug and he spoiled her rotten. Taking her to the casino, buying her scratch offs, running to the store to get her things, driving her around... He sometimes acted like he was bothered by it, but he never once denied her things.

in Chicago for my cousins wedding shower

My grandma never really liked to drive and I am one of the very few grandchildren that experienced riding in the car with her. I have a memory of sitting in the backseat with the windows down and it seemed like we were FLYING through town. She also once geeked herself up to drive 2 miles down the road to watch me run in a junior high track meet. She got the car out of the garage and drove over to the track, only to find out that I had gone home from school early. So she had to jump back in the car and drive back home. I think that was her last driving adventure.

at my wedding

My grandma was ALWAYS there. She came to my school for Grandparent's Day, band concerts, softball games, basketball games, high school graduation, my wedding and my college graduation. I have her on video at a bball game YELLING at the refs. Oh yeah, that was my grandma she loved watching us play sports and was quite the vocal supporter. She and grandpa wouldn't even sit next to each other at my brother's varsity basketball games. I am so glad she could watch me graduate from college. She was so proud of me and my other cousins.

they left graduation right after i walked across, so i brought my cap and gown to christmas to get photos :)

Another one of my fond memories from my childhood is going to work with my grandma. She worked at an elementary in the library and she also played the piano for the kids. She taught me "This Land is My land," "America the Beautiful," and many other songs. She was very patriotic and she loved to play the piano. I am sad to say her lessons she gave me failed, the only song I can play is "Peter Piper."

Grandma and Honest Abe

I cannot even begin to express how sad I am that I can no longer call my gram and talk to her about my day or tell her my new exciting news whatever that may be. She was always ready with stories of the random old people she encountered or whatever her food cravings of the moment were. I'm going to miss watching her do her sway side to side as she walked and I will miss going shopping with her. I can't believe both my grandma's aren't there for me to call and chat with. I used to always call both of them on my way to and from work and school. I don't think I am capable of deleting eitheof them from my phonebook. I loved my grandmas and I know they loved me.

So Grandma June, I know I didn't capture nearly enough of how much I love and will miss you. How much I enjoyed you, laughed with you and debated. But I will always keep you dear to my heart. I'm so very sorry I could never have a child for you to meet. I hope I can keep your memories near and you always in my heart. I love you. Oh and your hair is beautiful. In the famous words of my brother... "Say your prayers butthead!"


Becky said...

What a beautiful tribute. So sorry for your loss.

Amber said...

Aww, this was so beautiful and those photos are great, definitely something to treasure always!

Anonymous said...

This beautiful post brought tears to my eyes. I feel the same way about the one Grandma I still have living (although she's not a FOX watcher, she does throw in those 4 letter words ;)) Grandma's are just such unique women and your Grandma lives on in you.
I didn't realize that you'd lost so many grandparents lately. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Ashley said...

That was beautiful. You have some wonderful memories of your grandmother and this was a great way to always have them. I am so sorry for your loss. I am so sorry that this is your thrid grandparent you have lost in such a short amount of time. Hugs.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a special lady. We are so lucky to have been close to our grandparents. Makes it so tough when they pass but it's great that we have so many memories to reflect upon.

It's great that you have so many photos of your grandma. I have so few and need to start taking more!!

Anais said...

I am so, so sorry about your grandmother :( I was behind on blog reading and didn`t even know about it all...

I hope you`re doing alright. It was a beautiful post! :)