Monday, November 30, 2009

Pride & Prejudice: The Last Installment


Now that November is concluding in a short few hours, I figured I'd give our group read one more plug. :) So here are a few questions for you on this dreary back to work Monday.

1. Did you enjoy P & P? I liked it. It was what I was expecting. A slow read with lots of hidden clues.

2. Are you planning on reading any other books by Jane Austen? I still want to try to read all of her stuff. I think the next one I want to tackle is Sense & Sensibility but who knows. I think I won't venture down the Austen path again until 2010.

3. Who was your favorite character and why? I had a few favorites. I liked Elizabeth as the narrator but she was kind of irritating at times to be a hands down favorite. I liked Jane for her seeing the good in people and her kind attitude. I liked Mrs. Gardiner for her good humor and awesome advice giving. She was a very good mother figure for the Bennet girls, as opposed to their own dim-witted mother.

4. What character did you like the least? Why? I did not care for Lady Catherine for obvious reasons. The woman was INSUFFERABLE. UGH. I probably would have have been as nice as Elizabeth was to her. I did not like Mrs. Bennet or Lydia becaus they were just plain stupid. I did not like Miss Bingley because she was a bitch.

5. Would you fall for Mr. Darcy? I would have given up after he first insulted me. However, that brings up the whole first impressions concept that Lisa and I believe Becky mentioned in their guest posts. Look what Elizabeth would have missed out on if she would have gone on her first impression. Look what Mr. Darcy would have missed out on. However, he was so incredibly rude, he would have to work very hard to win my heart and unless there was a shortage of men around, he would not get a second chance!

Answer these in the comments or on your own blog, I am interested to hear what others have to say. If you have any other questions you'd like to share, leave them in the comments! I love to talk about books. :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

1. I liked it - didn't LOVE it, but it was a pretty good read.

2. I would also like to read all of Jane Austen's books. I have only read P&P & Persuasion. I think next up will be S&S for me as well.

3. My favorite was Jane. She was 100% class and always saw the best in people. I wish I could say I am like that, but I am more like Elizabeth and am kind of quick to judge...

4. Probably Lydia or Mrs. Bennett. They were both morons. Couldn't stand them.

5. I don't know... I also would have had a hard time getting over that first run in with him...

Anais said...

I really want to be one of those people who loves Jane Austen so much that they reread her every single year, but I don't know if I can ever achieve that! I'm not done with P&P but so far it's better than I was expecting it to be. A friend of mine is recommending another book ... I think it's Persuasion? Anyways she said it was very good so I'll give it a try :)