Saturday, November 28, 2009

Review: This Lullaby

This is my first book by Sarah Dessen who has been highly recommended via various blogs and friends facebook statuses.. Great way to find a new read, eh? I was not disappointed.

Remy is a recently graduated high school senior who is counting down the days of her summer break until she heads across country to attend Stanford and leaves her messed up childhood behind. Her mother, famous romance author, Barbara Starr is marrying for the 5th time, 4th legally recognized, and the planning has fallen upon Remy, again. Her brother Chris has found a girlfriend who has changed him and shaped him into an unrecognizable upstanding citizen.

Remy refers to herself as a bitter bitch who doesn’t believe in love. She uses and loses guys. She gives gifts that have no personal meaning and avoids making things messy.

Remy’s world is rocked when she meets Dexter. He shakes up her entire summer break plans and questions her feelings on love. She breaks all of her rules for him and loses some of her tough girl cred. Then in a moment of panic she loses Dexter and moves on.

Or so she thinks. Dexter wants to attempt “being friends” and Remy tries to resist but he says all hurting will be on his side if it doesn’t work. Well does anyone see this ending well? It doesn’t. Especially when Remy starts dating ‘Perfect Paul,’ who likes Dexter’s rival band.

At the end of the summer, Remy heads off to Stanford. Does she leave clean and clear or are there still loose ends? Guess you will have to read this quick and awesome read by Sarah Dessen. ;)


Anais said...

That doesn't really seem like my type of book, but I'm glad you loved it :) I'm debating which book I should bring with me over the CHristmas holidays because I have a PILE of them next to my bed lol!

Anonymous said...

Dessen's been on my list for a long time because so many people love her.