Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review: Keeping the Moon

I opened up the other Sarah Dessen book I grabbed from the library last week and polished it off this afternoon. Keeping the Moon is the story of Colie and how she “becomes.”

Colie is a recently thin 15 year old whose mother is Kiki Sparks, fitness guru. Colie’s mom wasn’t always Kiki, the fitness guru. She used to be fat Katherine. However, after many dead-end jobs and multiple moves across the country she scored a job at Lady Fitness, and a new woman was born.

The book begins with Colie being sent to live at her Aunt Mira’s for the summer so her mom could promote her fitness products in Europe. Colie is sure her summer will be miserable.

However, she meets Isabel, Morgan, Norman and her Aunt Mira who change her in more ways than she ever thought possible. Even with her 45 and a half pound weight loss, Colie was still seeing her fat self in the mirror. She kept hearing people calling her thunder thighs, lard ass and thought she was still the fat clumsy girl. These new friends help push her to be more confident and to believe in herself.

This was a quick read and had a good message about believing in yourself. Awessome for a YA read. Many small stories wrapped into the bigger message of having faith in yourself. The well-developed characters make the book.

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