Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December's Group Read is...

The Awakening by Kate Chopin!! I just got this from the library last week and it is next on my list after I finish the tear inducing Things I Want My Daughters to Know by Elizabeth Noble.

From the Book Jacket: Edna Pontellier is once again spending the summer with her husband and children at Grande Isle, a resort for wealthy New Orleans families. But this summer is very different for Mrs. Pontellier.
The sultry nights, the hypnotic, gentle lapping of the waves on the beach, the intoxicating scent of the breezes off the Gulf -- these all combine to bring strength to Edna's inner self, the person inside who she has too long stifled for her husband, family, and society.
Slowly, through that fateful summer, Edna changes. Her husband doesn't understand why more and more his wife is letting her housemaking duties slip and is increasingly rebellious. Edna herself is unable to fully explain what is happening to her, but she knows that she can no longer be untrue to herself.

Goodreads.com Description: This story of a woman's struggle with oppressive social structures received much public contempt at its first release; put aside because of initial controversy, the novel gained popularity in the 1960s, some six decades after its first publication, and has since remained a favorite of many readers. Chopin's depiction of a married woman, bound to her family and with no way to assert a fulfilling life of her own, has become a foundation for feminism and a classic account of gender crises in the late Victorian era.

Looks good.. cannot wait to start!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved this when I read it in college and have been intending to re-read it, so count me in this month :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Cool - hadn't heard of this book! Looking forward to checking it out!!

I'll plug it in my post tomorrow after my review of P&P!

Anais said...

I'm excited to check it out!!

Kelly said...

Ooo I am going to try to get this at the library today. I'm excited to participate this month!