Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's the last book you flung across the room?

The next question in the 15 part blog series wants to know what is the last book I've flung across the room.

Hmm... I've gotten pretty bad at putting down books even when they stink.  I just can't let the unknown get to me ha.  But sadly, I did not finish The End of Your Life Book Club.  I meant too, and I didn't even really dislike it.  But I was reading it in a very busy time in my life and I was always exhausted and it just wasn't catching me.

 I also picked up The Horsemaster's Daughter which is a total romance novel that I found in my basement one day while my daughter was playing and I haven't budged on that in a very long time.  But I have what I call my downstairs books and I don't ever bring it upstairs.  Only when I have spare moments down there.  So that one probably won't ever be finished either.

Now a book I've read ALL the way through and WANTED to fling across the room was The Wednesday Daughter's.  I was soo sooo soo sadly disappointed by that book.  It had such potential.

What is the last book you've flung across the room?

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