Friday, September 27, 2013

Looking For Me - Discussion

Thank you sooo much to Lisa for putting together this post this month! September is always a crazy month at work for me!
Having read and loved the book “Saving CeeCee Honeycutt,” the debut novel by Beth Hoffman, I was so nervous that her second book would be disappointing.  I am not sure what others thought, but that was definitely not the case for me.  There is just something special about Hoffman’s voice.  I know this sounds cheesy, but reading books by her is the equivalent of a warm cup of coffee – her words are soothing and flow so well.

I loved that this book was set mostly in Charleston.  I live driving distance from there and have plans to visit in January and reading this book makes me even more excited to check it out.  It sounds like such a charming southern city. 

Now for the questions…

  1. Teddi follows her dream to work with furniture despite her mother's lack of support, and she works hard to make her vision a reality. Do you have a similar passion or drive?  Would you pursue that passion if it wasn’t something your parents supported?

  1. On page 197, Teddi's grandmother says, "Sometimes it's not what we hold onto that shapes our lives but what we let go of." How does this apply to Teddi? To your own life?

  1. The novel is filled with colorful characters. Besides Teddi, who was your favorite and why?

  1. Hoffman writes that the difficulty of returning home is that "a piece of us stays behind when we leave-a piece we can never reclaim, one that awaits our next visit and demands that we remember" (page12). Do you agree?

  1. In the hospital, Teddi nearly tells her mother that she loves her but decides against it. Why? If she had, how do you think her mother would have reacted?

  1. Looking beyond the events of the novel, do you imagine that Teddi and Josh will be reunited?
Thanks again Lisa! I hope you all join us in October!

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