Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Book Confessions

I am stealing this idea from Boston Bibliophile who stole it from the person who made it. ;) I will do these every now and then, not every single day in a row. ;)  What is this idea? It is a 15 day blogging challenge with book related topics. The first topic is 15 book confessions..

- I always have a book or two or three with me.

- When I went to my parents a few weeks ago I brought three books and three magazines.  And I have a toddler.  Um I read 1 1/2 books and one magazine. But I need choices.

- I judge books by the cover.

- I used to be able to read books in a series out of order and now I cannot.  So I spend far too much time tracking down the correct book.

- When I get hooked on one author I tend to read everything they read quickly and get sad when I have nothing left.

- I usually check out like 10 or more books from the library and then have to renew half if not more if it is the school year to get through them.  And will stop again at the library throughout the month and check out more.

- I feel like books are real life in a parallel world. 

- Before we had kids I made my husband promise to read books to our daughter and lie and say he loves to read. 

- I was sad I didn't win a prize in the adult library's reading program this summer.

- I will stay home to finish a good book.

- I used to read Nora Roberts and Luanne Rice books in high school and now any books of that type annoy the every loving crap out of me.

- People who don't give the Harry Potter series a chance annoy me.  I didn't think I would like it either and bam, love it.  Especially if you are a teacher you need to read it.

- People who 'dont' have time for reading.  Um you have time.  You are choosing to use it on something else.  10 minutes before bed, 20 minutes here or there.  You can and should find time to keep your brain thinking, imagining and dreaming.

- I won't censor my daughter's reading.  I think she should read what she wants and learn about the world from her reading and it won't help her to forbid her from certain topics/authors because I may not agree with their viewpoints.  But I will always be reading to discuss anything.

- I think teachers and parents turn kids off from reading because they don't approve of their reading choices because it's not 'age appropriate'/'challengeing' etc. and that is a damn shame.

What are your book confessions? Do you hate a certain genre? Do you judge by the cover? By the author?

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