Monday, September 16, 2013

Looking Forward

All summer I thought about playing along with Lisa when she did these posts sporadically or even last spring who knows how long actually, but never could come up with a lot of stuff until now. ;P  I just couldn't think of anything exciting or my life was really boring, anywho, the start of fall has me quite busy and excited with possibilities.

What I'm looking forward to...

Today - The first official full day with all of my students.  I've met them all and had half come Wednesday and half come Thursday for half-days, but today is go time.  The first time my assistant and I have done all day preschool.  So exciting, so exhausting, soooo just ahhhh..

This week - Trying out a new pasta recipe.  It seems super simple but it's something I pulled out of a magazine so many years ago and never tried.  But it fit into my current requirements.  SUPER FAST and contains things we all like.  Hopefully it won't be a bust, like last Friday's homemade pizza my husband made. Ick. 

This month - Book club.  We didn't meet last month and I miss my girls night out! Plus we are discussing a book I read last year and I hope they all loved it as much as I did!

This fall - Studying apples with my students and making applesauce.  Picking apples in our backyard with my family and making applesauce and apple crisp at home.  Going to the pumpkin patch with the fam and possibly going trick or treating.  My child currently wants to be a ghost like Clifford but I'm afraid she won't actually put something on her head.  Oh and football.  I love football.  Basically weekends are busy from here until February. ;)

This year - Going on spring break with friends and family! So excited about this.  I love planning out adventures! Road trip here we come!

What are you looking forward to?

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