Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I loved this book by Karin Slaughter.  I'd have finished it sooner but that darn thing called work got in my way! ;)

Sara and Jeffrey are out walking when they stumble upon a girl who was buried alive.  Investigating her murder they stumble upon a very religious family who owns a farm and has a few peculiar members.  Lena has drama with Ethan and her old boyfriend pops into town which causes more drama.  There is a lot of focus on wife beating and seriously, I wanted to punch some of these guys. 

It was super fast paced and I liked how one of the characters totally was giving clues to the police that could have been deciphered in wanting to help but not wanting to tattle on someone but that was never cleared up except towards the end I could tell that character knew nothing but it was interesting because things he said helped lead the police to the right answers.  I'm being vague as to not totally tell you who did it. ;)

I will say that the end made me very very very angry at Lena.  I get that she was being abused and in a hard place but the way she chooses to get Ethan out of her life IS A HORRIBLE IDEA.  I just can already guess what is going to happen in the next book between that ending and perhaps reading the cover of another book.  Oh well, but SERIOUSLY, don't mess with my characters lady. ;)

I hope everyone is having a great week.  I'm so busy with back to work stuff and then heading out for the weekend with my dad so I may not even get to read blog posts until Sunday.  I do apologize if you think I'm ignoring you. ;)

Do you think that people can change?

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