Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blog friends

The third prompt in the 15 day blog series was, "Who are your blogging BFFS?"

Since this is supposed to be kind of a book centered focus I figured I'd share who I like discussing books with and what book blogs I always make sure to check out.  I'm making my own rules. ;)

Lisa - I love that we've been discussing books for YEARS and that she always joins up with the blogger group read every month.  I really appreciate her opinion and like to hear her suggestions.

Kelly -I also always value Kelly's opinions on books to read.  We seem to like the same series/type of books and I'm always wondering if there are new ones to check out!

Jenny - She reads a lot of YA books and that is a topic that I'm trying to read more and more of.  I value her opinion and trust her reviews to help expand my YA reading.

Marie - I do believe hers was the first book blog I've followed.  We don't tend to read the same types of books but I do like her well-written reviews and find many books that I add to my TBR list that I hadn't heard of before.

There are a few other sites I check out randomly but these are ones I never miss!

What blogs do you get book recommendations from?

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