Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Worst Thing About Getting a 'smart'phone

My lack of photos of my kid on my computer to share.  Ha ha.  I NEVER take pictures with my camera anymore.  1) My camera takes better pictures than my Kodak 2) hauling out the DSLR is a pain in my arse since I never got around to learning how to use it.  That's my husband's territory.

I need to remember to move the photos/videos onto my computer because I know I will be KILLING myself someday if I don't have it.  She was 14 months old yesterday!  How the heck???

She is so stinkin' happy, except for when you tell her she can't go outside.  Then she gets pissed.  I'm kind of anxious for today because it rained last night and it looks like a crappy/rain day today so far and she doesn't always understand we can't play outside.  Thankfully, she will settle for a stroller ride if I can sneak one in!

She has at least 8 teeth and has been working on some molars for awhile, but I can't really get my fingers in there and you can only see so much when you are hanging her upside down. ;)

She loves eating food.  Her favorites include, bread, peas, corn, sweet potatoes, chicken stir fry, couscous, rice, bananas, eggs, waffles,blueberries, enchiladas, tacos, pulled pork, watermelon, strawberries.. etc.. Honestly? There isn't much she doesn't like ha.  She actually even ate green beans in our stir fry the other night and hadn't really done that before, so I was impressed.

She eats a LOT at breakfast.  Like, way more than me.  A typical breakfast lately has been an egg, piece of toast, blueberries, cheese, milk and usually some strawberries or a graham cracker at the end if she looks like she is still starving or I'm still cleaning up!

She loves books, listening to music and head bopping, playing with her hippo or dino ball bouncer, climbing ON EVERYTHING, falling down on her butt, looking out the window, being outside, swimming! (she loooves the water, but not so much being contained in a float, she wants to swim!) and she loves being the center of attention.

I love watching her watch people talk.  She doesn't like to really say much besides daddy, hi, mama and a lot of babbling but she has great comprehension of what you are saying/telling her to do.  It's amazing to watch.  She also apparently thinks waving her arms means, bed time, go out side, food time, let's move, etc...

She also much prefers crawling than walking.  She will actually start walking, get a look on her face like wtf, and immediately drop down and speed crawl.  She's a stinker.  An adorable stinker!

She is also in that awkward in between 1 or 2 naps a day stage.  But she's been sleeping AMAZING at night.  She will either take two naps, with one being 1-2 hours and another being the same or a bit longer or one name that lasts about 2 or 3 hours.  Pretty nice.

Anywhoo.. I really need to work on uploading photos from my phone. ;P

Happy 14 months baby girl!

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