Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Darkly Dreaming Dexter

I have heard A LOT about the televison series, Dexter.  I want to watch it, but the oppurtunity has not come about yet.  So as any good book nerd would do, I sought out the books.

I read the first Darkly Dreaming Dexter in about two days.  Dexter is a blood splatter technician with the Miami police and also a serial killer.  His foster sister is a police officer desperately wanting to make detective, but she has no clue how to work the politics of the police department.  Dexter tries to help her since he somehow has an uncanny ability to figure out how killers think.

The current case his sister wants to solve hits a little tooo close to home for Dexter.  The killer is leaving victims with no blood.  Something that Dexter himself does.  He feels this other killer communicating with his Dark Passenger and he WANTS/NEEDS to find out who it is so he can 'talk' to him.

I was pretty disappointed.  The writing was ehh, the story was ehh , everything was just ehh.. I think i had higher expectations.  I will at least read the second book cuz that's how I roll and god knows I may keep reading, but I wasn't blown away.

Have you read any in this series? Do you watch Dexter?

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