Monday, July 16, 2012

Meadowbrook Park

After our relatively short stop at Castle Park, we stopped by 7-11 for a quick Slurpee stop (free Slurpee day!!) and then set out to find our original destination, Meadowbrook Park.

Like I said, it's named after a street here and is most definitely NOT on that street.  I went one way, my friend went another and after multiple wrong turns by both of us, she located it.  We had to park on a side street, cross a busy road and then walk down the sidewalk to the other sidewalk to lead us to this park.

The reason we wanted to find this particular park is it boasts a babbling brook.  I was thinking a small little thing we could splash around in.

I thought wrong.  While there IS a babbling brook and it IS a quiet relaxing park and nice to look at, it's really nothing to write home about.  It is just over 3 acres and most of it is trees/overgrown stuff.  There is an open field that we sat on and played with bubbles for awhile but that was about it. 

The bridge it talks about over the babbling brook was kinda scary, but Isla enjoyed looking down at the water.  Cuz, yeah, there was no getting in that brook.  Very nice to look at, not little kid friendly.

It did make me jealous of the people that lived on the other side of the park.  I would LOVE a little brook (accessible!) in my backyard!

What's something you wish you had in your backyard?

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