Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The following is going to be a dump/spew of words that I hope make sense.

I think mothers enjoy making other mothers feel like crap.  I also feel like mothers feel they need to defend their decisions when  other people make them feel like crap. It's quite stupid.

I'm all for breastfeeding  Dude, it's freaking cheap! I will support you and cheerlead you and say whatever I have to say to help you through it.  But if you decide to use formula? Who cares.  I will say I will not advocate for the formula until you've decided to do it yourself.  Why? There are far too many others who will push the formula and say, "It's soo much easier.  It's okay, I did it!"  With the first statement, that is a matter of opinion.  With the second statement, just because you did it, doesn't mean it is WHAT the other person wants.  And also, helping someone else make the choice to use formula because you did it, and need someone else to use it to feel less guilty? Not cool.

Now, in the above pretend scenario, you will have others who will judge you for going to the formula.  They will say things like, "Well, you have to do what's best for you and your family, "all the while, thinking, your poor kid.  But ya know what, it IS that persons decision to use formula, but when you make asinine statements like the one above, it just makes someone who already probably feels guilty or a failure WORSE.  I honestly think that line is one of the worst to be said.  Especially when followed by a smiley face.  (As per yesterday's twitter convo, I hate when people say a statement and follow it up with a smiley.  I may have said it makes me think the person is a smug bastard.)

Want to know another fun topic? Cloth diapers vs disposable.

Cuz ya know, if you use disposables you are clogging up the landfills, exposing your kids tush to chemicals, lazy etc.  Really?

How about you make your decisions and I make my decisions and Joe Schmoe makes his decisions and you just say GO YOU, your kid is alive, you rock! And I will say, GO YOU, your kid is alive, you rock! And Joe will do the same! And we can judge silently as opposed to using passive aggressive catch phrases? That way, people won't be afraid to help others and share their experiences.

Not everyone is confident in their decision making but they made that choice.  Support it or ignore it. The kid is fed and alive, that is always the goal. I get so angry for others when they are silenced because of the fear of other people criticizing their choices and they really need to be talking and asking for help as opposed to silently wondering what the eff they should do.

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