Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Lovely Saturday Morning...

On this bright freezing cold Saturday morning, we woke up to giggles and yelps coming from the little lady's room.. My husband went to retrieve her as I tried to wake my arm up that I feel asleep on after our 5:30 nurse and cuddle time, ouch..

I fed her and we snuggled for a few before we made the motions of getting up.  I made coffee, they settled in to toys and books and then we traded.  I sipped coffee, and played with the zookeeper as my husband whipped up some tasty pancakes, little lady's first time trying them.

We sat down to breakfast as a family, the little lady, devouring mushed up blueberries, some puffs, and bits of pancakes.  She was nothing like a lady, shoveling the food in my the handful.  Sometimes, I wonder if she thinks we will take the food away.  Then I get sad and think of other little kids who don't have food.  Not fair.  In between handfuls, I spoon fed her a pear& raspberry combo which she adored.

After eating, she dressed and I did dishes and folded laundry while she babbled and yelped in the living room at her dad.

Then another nursing and cuddle session and I headed down to the treadmill.   I did 1.8  miles in about 30 minutes by doing the weightloss plan 1 on a whim.  There were a lot of inclines!

Afterwards, I headed upstairs and the lady was sleeping so I hurried to shower and throw on lazy clothes.  Then I guzzled water, took some fenugreek and here I sit pumping and typing up the busy and fun Saturday morning we had together.

What did you do this morning?

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