Friday, January 13, 2012

Feb. Group Read - State of Wonder Ch. 1-6

"Hope is a horrible thing, you know.  I don't know who decided to package hope as a virtue because it's not.  It's a plague.  Hope is walking around with a fishook in your mouth and somebody just keeps pulling it and pulling it."  pg. 43

So to quickly recap, Marina is a doctor that works for Vogel, Anders is a doc that works for Vogel.  Anders gets sent to the Amazon, dies, and Marina is sent to the Amazon to track down Dr. Swenson.  Marina gets horrible nightmares and we end with her traveling down a river into the jungle.
1. Do you agree with Marina that naivete is key? That if we know how life is going to go we might never start the path we do take?

2  Did you anticipate Marina losing her luggage when she put the phone in her suitcase?

Personally, as soon as she did that I knew that she was never going to see that phone again. 

3. How would you describe Marina Singh

I would say smart, but completely lacking in how to deal with people.

4. Would you call the relationship between Mr. Fox and Marina love? Do you think they have a future?

5. “Marina was from Minnesota. No one ever believed that. At the point when she could have taken a job anywhere she came back because she loved it here. This landscape was the one she understood, all prairie and sky.” What does this description say about the character?

I personally feel like Marina should have gone back to Minnesota and told Mr. Fox to get himself to the Amazon if he freaking wanted answers!

Any thoughts, quotes, feelings that stuck out?

Next discussion will be January 27th over the whole/rest of the book!

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