Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A day in the life of Papps...

Happy Tuesday, today we have Papps.  Papps has been one of my online friends for over 2 years now and she has the most adorable baby girl, Amelia.  Hope you enjoy!

Hi everyone! I’m Papps from Our Arduous Journey. I decided to pick Tuesday, January 3rd to write about since it was my first day back to work after a 3 month maternity leave. Part of me knew what to expect since it had only been 3 short months, but now add a baby to the mix and it’s a brand new ball game.

5:00am- The first alarm goes off. It’s dark out and the house is silent. I hit snooze.

5:05am- Second alarm goes off. Hit snooze again

5:10am- Third alarm goes off…. I finally roll over, look at the baby monitor to make sure she is still sleeping, then roll out of bed and drag myself into the shower

5:20-6:30am- Grab cup of coffee and get ready for work all the while tip-toeing so I don’t wake up Amelia. I play on the Internet for a bit while eating breakfast, then pour one last cup of coffee and I’m out the door for my half day at work

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I should add I got myself a Christmas present.

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So I’m driving to work in my new car, loving having an automatic instead of a manual. I try to push back the thought of leaving my daughter for the first time, but it doesn’t work. The tears come pouring down. I know she’s in good hands since my husband is staying home with her, so that helps, but still hard.

6:54am- I arrive to work.  As I’m walking up to the entrance, I run into 2 co-workers who greet me with excitement. Man is it good to be back! I miss these people.

7:00am I start to unpack my boxes and put my desk back together

7:02am- I run into my neighboring co-worker who proceeds to give me a big hug and we chit chat while working/unpacking.

8:30-11am- Today is more of a free day to go through my 1000+ emails and get re-acquainted with my daily tasks. I also show off recent pictures of Amelia as I put them on my desk.

11am-1:43pm- I get home and my husband has Amelia down for a nap. We chat about my day at work and how their day went. I make lunch and fold some laundry

1:43-3:30pm- Amelia wakes up from her nap, I’m there to greet her. I shower her with kisses, play with her on her mat and change her.

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3:30-4:22pm- Amelia and I head off to the store to grab food for the next week or so.

4:30pm- We come home to a picked up house, I put away the groceries and play with Amelia a bit more before she goes back down for a nap at 5:30.

6pm- We sit down for dinner and watch an episode of Walking Dead (yes, we’re one of those who occasionally sit in the living room and watch TV while eating)

7pm- I do the dishes and get her bath stuff together while my husband plays with Amelia.

7:30-8:30pm- Bath time, bottle then bed for the wee one

9pm- One more episode of Walking Dead then off to shower!

10:42pm- I finally lay my head back down and it’s lights out.

Thanks Emily for having me share a day in my life!

Thanks Papps! The first day back after baby is a rough one.  Do you eat dinner at the table or in the living room? We are starting to eat more at the table with Isla but typically, we eat out in the living room.

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