Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A day in the life of Amber!

Hey everyone! This was supposed to run last week, but with the flu and all the crazy that it caused I didn't have this up and going.. Thanks for being patient Amber! Today, we have Amber from Girl With the Red Hair!  I think Amber was the first person to comment on my blog, like ever.  And if she wasn't she was the first one to keep coming back! We found each other while reading blogs over at Glamour, and it's funny that I never go back there anymore, yet it introduced me to some great blogging friends!

Day in the life: Sunday, December 18
Hi readers! I'm Amber from Girl with the Red Hair posting for Emily's fun Day in the Life series. I did a weekday day in the life on my own blog a couple of months ago so I decided to do a weekend day for Emily's blog! This chronicles Sunday, December 18 for me :)

7:00 AM - dog wakes me up, I take her out to pee. I feel like a zombie since I was at a Christmas party until late the night before.

7:10 AM - crawl back into bed and plan to sleep for another hour or so.

9:47 AM - wake with a start, sun shining through my window. Crap! Slept way later than planned. Oh well.

10:00 AM - bring laundry up to my room, make coffee, stream Drop Dead Diva while I fold laundry and drink my coffee. Baked banana oatmeal is in the oven!

11:00 AM - sit down to eat my oatmeal and drink some more coffee. Still streaming Drop Dead Diva.

11:30 AM - time to start cleaning! I designated Sunday 'scrub the house top to bottom day' so I swept, vacuumed and mopped all the floors, pulled our couch and bed out and cleaned behind them, washed the walls, scrubbed the bathroom and vacuumed and cleaned the carpet on our stairs. This process took me just over 2 hours.

1:45 PM - collapse on the couch in a heap of exhaustion from all the cleaning.

2:15 PM - drag myself into the kitchen to make and eat a late lunch. Stream more Drop Dead Diva.

2:45 PM - think about the 7-9 mile run I was planning to do that day. Continue streaming Drop Dead Diva and eat some fudge.

3:20 PM - decide to get my butt in gear and take the pup for a hike since she's been cooped up in the house all day while I clean. Decide that a hike will suffice in place of a run.

4:30 PM - return from the hike. Make a grocery list and head to the grocery store to get some supplies for the week.

5:30 PM - pour myself a glass of wine and prepare to do some food prep for the week. Prepped teriyaki tofu for Monday night dinner, enchilada sauce for Tuesday night dinner, and made a double batch of dough balls to take home for the holidays (all from Mama Pea's cookbook).

7:00 PM - sit down to eat dinner. Two poached eggs on an english muffin and a glass of orange juice. Read blogs while eating dinner. It's my first time opening Google Reader all weekend so I have a lot of reading to do!

8:00 PM - park myself in front of the couch with a second glass of wine, a bowl of dough ball dough and start streaming Love Actually on netflix. Have to pause the movie several times to switch dough balls in and out of the oven.

10:30 PM - movie ends! I wake up two sleeping pets who are right on top of me because it's time for bed! Take the dog out to pee then do my getting ready for bed routine (brush teeth, wash face, put on PJ's).

10:45 PM - crawl into bed with plan to read for only 15 minutes.

11:15 PM - crap! Lost track of time because my book (The Book of Negroes) was so good. Time to go to bed, 6:00 AM is going to come early. Lights out!

Thanks for letting me share my day on your blog Emily!!

Thanks again, Amber! I really need to checkout that cookbook!

What do you do on a typical Sunday?

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