Thursday, July 9, 2009

7 personality traits meme

I was awarded this award from Lisa , where I must list 7 traits about myself and pass it along to 7 other bloggers whose personality shines through on their blog.

I've been trying to think up some good ones, so here goes...

1. I am completely lazy. This I think also ties into my addiction to the computer. Since I am not working I can literally sit at the computer all day and not do anything. Which is bad because it's beauitful outside and I should go out there.

2. I would rather stay inside at my computer and get fat than go running in my neighborhood. I have some wierd issue with going out in my neighborhood. I think this has something to do with the fact that I am insecure and slightly scared by the fact that we have HUGE ditches and people I don't know around here and what if one of them kidnapped me? Yeah unrealistic but I mean, it's me!

3. If you get me near a body of water I will stay there all day. Honestly, I love water. I grew up on it, and would spend all day every day floating/drinking/hanging out with friends on water. Someday I want to live on a lake and someday rent a huge house on the east coast for a vacay on the ocean.

4. I want/need ice cream every day. No matter the temperature or time of the year. After dinner I want ice cream!! I kind of introduced my hubby to this problem and sometimes he gets worse than I do.

5. Sometimes books affect me so much that I can't start reading another one for like a month or a week in between. Some are just such fun reads that I can read 3 a week. Twilight had this affect on me. I couldn't find anything else as addicting to read for quite awhile. No, I do not think they were the BEST books ever written but they were super addicting and made me fall in love with Edward. I will not watch the movies because THAT Edward is so ugly I can't handle it.

6. I like being alone, but love going out with friends. I would much rather sit by myself at home and putzing around than hang out with someone just to hang out with them and be with someone. Some people would think I go insane with boredom not working and sitting at home all day every day. Not so, I amuse myself. That DOES not mean that my house is spotless because I am of the feeling that two of us live here and just because I do not work, does NOT mean that I will pick up an adult's mess they made themselves. I am not a maid.

7. I am very outspoken. To the point where I should just keep my mouth shut. But, I can't. It just comes out. I hate when people sit around not saying what they want to say. Say it. It's better than saying it behind people's backs!

Now for my picks...


Ashley said...

Thank you for the Award!! I'm going to have to put some thought into this. I must say that we maybe the only two girls out there that does NOT find Edward (in the movie) attractive :)

Amber said...

Fun! Lots of people did this meme today, including me ;-)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the water too! My dream house is on a lake or the ocean (a part of the ocean where I can SWIM) haha!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Nope, I don't Edward from the movie attractive at all - and I thought the part where he goes in the sun was FREAKY! Wasn't at all impressed w/ the movie to be quite honest!

I also love the water. I dream of buying a cabin near my parents some day. The one next door is for sale this summer & their other neighbor is selling hers NEXT summer. Yah, not going to be able to buy a 2nd home THAT soon.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Oh man I know about buying a cabin or another home. We (if we stay around here) eventually want to buy a house on a nearby lake and of course TONS are for sale now, but we just bought ours 3 years ago, not gonna happen unfortunately and we could probably get a killer deal right now!