Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yesterday was an awesome day. I had a garage sale and my friend helped me out. It was a great day to hang out with a friend, weather wise and mood wise. We laughed soo hard and had so many misadventures. The first thing to note is that neither of us is creative. We both would love to be, but we just are not. We would like to be neat and have nice handwriting, but we don't. Thursday night we got together and made signs for the sale and then decided that we would try to post the signs on MAIN roads at 11pm because we did not want anyone to see us post these "glitter filled signs." Um, yes we put glitter on our garage sale signs and we are closer to 30 than 20.

Friday morning, I FORGOT TO SET MY ALARM. But have no fear, I woke up at 7:30 with a smile on my face thinking, ahhh I can sleep in. And then I popped my eyes back open and said, "HOLY FASFA**SFDS8******!!" Jumped out and raced around getting around. Threw stuff out and then my friend arrived a little after 8 with bagels. YAY. We finished putting stuff out and had the task of putting the sign out in front of the house and at the one corner by my house. So we find some old stakes and think this will work.. Need hammer. No hammer to be found. I find a book about Pat Nixon. Looks sturdy enough. We take this out to the road, sign, stakes, Pat Nixon. We try pounding with Pat Nixon. Does not work. I go look for hammer again. No hammer. I grab an ax. An ax that is about as tall as me. We are standing at the end of my driveway with an ax, trying to hammer a sign in. Stakes fall apart. We abandon sign. We find smaller stakes attach sign and head off towards corner. Half way to corner we realize people are arriving at our garage sale, I run down the road in my flip flops, cut across the lawn and arrive as they walk up, completely out of breath. Friend is at corner pounding away at the sign with a smaller ax we found. People leave, don't buy anything, friend comes back, sign has fallen down already. I find a tub to lean sign against. I blow up balloons, attach them to mailbox. Friend goes back to corner and attachs sign to telephone pole. We sit down and laugh hysterically at ourselves.

Then two guys showed up in a BRIGHT yellow truck with flames on the side. They had cowboy hats on and vests with no shirts underneath. I wished I could just say, um you don't have to stop you will find nothing here. But I don't and they don't even get two feet into sale before they are headed back towards bright yellow truck with flames. I may have had a good hardy laugh at their vehicle. And the rest of the afternoon pretty muched followed the ridiculousness of this beginning part. All of that happened yesterday before 10:30 am.

After a long day, the hub and I headed up to my parents house because they are out of town and we felt like swimming and hanging out on the dock. We stopped for dinner on the way up and by the time we got dinner and were on the dock, my toes told me the water was too cold. So we ate dinner in our swimsuits, went inside and spent the night watching tv on my parent's HD tv and listening to the police monitor. Then we passed out in my old childhood room and came home this morning for coffee and eggs prepared by the mister.

All in all, a TERRIFIC day/morning so far.


Ashley said...

That does sound like a very good day! Yes, I would say there were ton of laughable moments during your yard sale :D

Amber said...

Aww garage sales can be so fun! I'm glad to hear you had such a good day! I'm jealous that your parents have a dock on the water that you can go relax at :-)

Luanne said...

Yard sales are great people watching stations!

Anais said...

I have to agree, that does sound like a great day!!! I would love to know ANYONE who has a pool/lake in their backyards :P Sounds like you had a blast with your friend too!!