Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lame Tuesday

I feel bad because I have had a lack of reading posts or reading anything to update in the last two weeks. Leading up to the 4th, I read a ton that week and had a lot to say and then the last week or so I either am "too busy" or forget to read.

I really am reading a really good book that once I settle in with it, I just inhale it. Yes, I am still reading All we Ever Wanted was Everything by Janelle Brown. I reaaaallly want to finish it soon because a couple of my friends are both reading Pride & Prejudice and I think it would be kind of neat to be able to discuss it with them. Sadly, that is not one of the many books I have on loan from the library, which means I will most likely have to recheck out the ones I did get all those many weeks ago. Though, I do have another Austen novel. Mansfield Park, that I want to read but after Pride & Prejudice. I've never watched any of the movie adaptations of her stuff because I've always wanted to read them first, so that can be another challenge to myself.

Let me tell ya, continually job searching and continually finding nothing or something not really using your degree gets to be tiring. Thank goodness for random blog reading!

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Anais said...

I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time!! So far it's alright, I'm just waiting to get more into it ;) Have you seen the Jane Austen Bookclub? if not, you really have to, I'm sure you'd love it :)

And about the job searching...I SOOO know what you mean. I'm in the same position. I've had literally ONLY rejection job-wise in the past year, and it sucks. :( Hope the job search improves!!