Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy Friday's

It seems the last two weeks I put a full week's worth of activity into my Friday's. Yesterday included a 3 hour meeting where I spent the majority of the time wanting to bang my head on the table. I do not get how some people can be so incapable of following simple directions. Or how rude they can be to people while presenting. Sit still, shut up, ask questions when appropraite and we can get out of the place fast. But noooo. And THESE PEOPLE ARE EDUCATORS. I tend to find any meeting with people from my field tends to make me a bit irritated.

I also had a ton of errands to run. The older sis-and-bro in-law have been in town this last week and today we are having a baby shower for them. I had to pick up the stuff to make the scrumptious oreo dessert that I was making, pick up the last part of the baby gift that the younger sis-in-law and I were giving them, and then as a nice gesture stop and pick up the bro-in-law's prescription. Yeah, sounds easy, but that took 4 stops, 1 trip home, one fill up of the gas tank and about 2 hours. The bro-in-law forgot there are two Walgreen's in town or did not know since they haven't lived here in awhile. I went to both yesterday. :)

I hurried and made my dessert which I hope turned out okay because I wasn't paying attention and know I made a boo-boo making it, but I am hoping it turned out fine. Then I headed to the church to meet up with the sis-in-law's and the mother-in-law to exchange stuff and set some stuff up. But I did not help much cuz I got to hold a baaaby. Love. :)

Next up, hurry home for a pick up from cousin-in-law to go run erands and hit up a softball tourney. Had fun there with friends, hurried up north to the in-laws to hang out with the fam and got home after midnight. I am pooped.

Today is just as busy because it is the last day to hang out before they head back out West. Can't wait for my neice or nephew to show up in December!!

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