Tuesday, January 28, 2020

5 Bookish Things I'm Loving Right Now

I'm back with the sixth installment of bookish things, that have caught my eye.  You can find my fifth installment here.  


We were gifted this adorable and so appropriate shirt from a cousin when I was pregnant.  We just got to bust it out! I couldn't resist a little photo op.  

I was a little disappointed that right after I grabbed a Nancy Drew for the 8 year old to read, I read an article about the racism in Nancy Drew books.  Ugh.  I haven't looked at these books since I was a kid and clearly didn't recognize it back then, but as a parent who is raising children to fight against that, it's disheartening.  Unsure, how she will feel about this book, but we may be having another frank discussion about books and racism soon.


My eight year old LOVE puzzles.  And needs a challenge.  I came across this puzzle at Barnes and Noble when I was picking up a gift card.  I couldn't resist.  They also had a YA one and another genre that I cannot recall at the time.  


I mentioned these socks in my last post, but I had to snap a picture of them on the child!!!

4.  This book review of The Tenant by Katrine Engberg has me interested in checking out the book! It looks like this author has a series (and we all know how much I love a good series!!!).  I added it to my TBR on goodreads and when I finish my current library pile I plan on checking this author/series out!

5. Reading with Adeline! I am trying to make a habit of sitting down in her bedroom and reading books until she gets bored/cranky once a day or so mid-day.  The following pictures are the books we got through until she was fussy one day recently.

 This is a cute book and I liked the colors and illustrations.

 I do not care for the Croc book but I do love me some hungry caterpillar!
She was trying to touch the black and white book.  By the middle of Go Dog Go, she was done! She wanted to go!

What bookish things are you loving right now?

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