Monday, January 6, 2020

What the 8 year old Read in 2019

At the end of 2018 my daughter asked about my book recording and book goals.  I showed her my goodreads account and she said she wanted to keep track in 2019.  And man, did her reading take off! She originally made a goal of 49 books, based off the fact that I had a 52 book goal and man, that's a lot of books.  Then she realized how fast she reads, and the size of her books! She ended up moving her goal up, up, up, until she finally settled at 275.  She beat that and finished the year at 284!!!

She loved the Dork Diaries series this year and read almost all of them.  They annoy me, but they entertain her, so it is what it is! They actually showed her and gave her confidence to try longer books on her own! She also loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  She said she preferred the book to the movie (original movie) and she also read Matilda.  She said she preferred the movie to the book on that one!

She does tend to give almost every  book she reads a 5.  However, I give her mad props, she will put down a book and not finish it if it's not entertaining her with no hesitation.  Something I definitely struggle with and then my reading slows down!

She loved the Blast from the Past series and it's a shame there aren't anymore in the series! We both are huge fans of Mo Willems and the Elephant and Piggie series! She also started the Sophie Mouse series this year and really enjoyed it.  She has been patiently waiting for book 12 to show back up at the library!

She also learned about Dog Man and graphic novels this year.  She LOVED Dog Man and flew through the series.

She also enjoyed the silliness of Amelia Bedelia and all the fun those stories bring!

I love Usborne books.  She tried out the Billie B Brown series and the Fizz series, and they were both super quick reads for her and a little below what she reads.  So fun, but they didn't hold her interest as long.  She also started the American Girl books and loved the Addy books!

The Cherry Pie Princess was another Usborne book and she wished it was a series!

She also loved the Lola Levine series and wished there were more books for her to read!

She LOVED Zita the Spacegirl graphic novel.

She also flew the Disney Fairy series.  She Loved Marty McGuire, found The Stinky Cheese Man HILARIOUS, and thought Princess Posey was okay.

I introduced her to the Boxcar series in early summer and it was a beginning of a love affair!  She read A TON of them in the later part of the year.

She also went through a phase with the weird school books, but it annoyed her that she finished them so quickly!!

Anna Hibiscus was another series we found through Usborne that she really liked.  I tried to get her another one in the series but it was either waaaay too expensive or not available, which was dumb because it was in the middle of the series!

She also loved Wish, by Barbara O'Connor and the Humphrey series! I gave her Wonderland by O'Conner as a big sister gift and she is just now reading it as her first book of 2020!

She also learned of the I Survived series this year and LOVED it.  She also is a big fan of the Dream Big Little One board book that belongs to her sister!

Ada Lace is another series she loves! She found one of my old babysitter club books and enjoyed that too! I wish I had more leftover from my childhood besides that one!

She also gobbled up some of the Who Is/was books and The Boys Start the War. Funny story, I've tried to get her interested in both things in the past but it took Xavier Riddle to get her back into the Who Was books and her third grade teacher for her to give The Boys.. a shot!

My cousin has a ton of books left from childhood and she loved historical fiction books.  She lent her books and she flew through them! She really enjoyed the books about the characters of Little Women and then liked going to the new movie with my mom and I!!


She had a fabulous year reading in 2019! She also read some more books at school that she couldn't remember and some that she just didn't feel like tracking.  We plan to keep tracking in 2020.  Her goal for this year is 100, but she thinks she will just increase it as she goes! I love that she shares my love of reading!

How many books did you read in 2019? Do you have any suggestions for my little bookworm? When did you start loving reading? Do you track your reading or child's reading?

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