Thursday, January 16, 2020

Day in My Life

I always love being a voyeur into other peoples daily lives and last week I got inspired to try to keep track of what a day in my current life status looks like.

12:07 am - Adeline wakes up to eat.  I nurse her and then fall back to sleep.

2:15 am - Adeline wakes up to eat.  I nurse her and as I put her back down I hear a little critter in my attic.  Needless to say I felt like I never fell back asleep until the next feeding.

4:07 am - Adeline wakes up and I nurse her again.

Approximately 6:30ish my husband apparently forgets himself and turns on the light!!!! In our bedroom and promptly wakes me up.  My alarm was set for 7 but every precious moment of sleep counts!! About 6:50 Adeline wakes up, so I change her and go to the bathroom thinking I'd be feeding her right away but she was okay to sit in the bouncer while Isla helped me get her breakfast and lunch around and a pot of coffee on.

7:10 Adeline nurses while I drink a cup of coffee and Isla gets dressed and ready for school.  Then she entertains Adeline while I get dressed.

7:45 I throw a load of clothes in the washer and then we hang out in the living room.  Isla reading, me scrolling fb, drinking coffee and eating a muffin and Adeline laying on her play mat until we leave to take Isla to school.

8:21 We are out the door and on our way to get Isla to school.  We were running early but Adeline was acting like she needed a nap and so we just got in the car to go because she was fussy.  We drop Isla off and then I take a round about way home to continue her nap.

9:00 We are home and Adeline wakes up immediately.  I nurse her and she acts cranky so I try to put her down for a nap.  I make avocado toast with Everything but the Bagel seasoning and eat it, with a Hallmark movie on, while she yelled/cried for a bit and then put herself to sleep.

10:22 she woke up but was still tired.  I nursed her and she ate/slept on me for a bit and then we 'talked' with each other for a bit and then went to her room so I could go through and sort through some more clothes of hers that are too small.

12:09 I nursed her again.  When I was done I was starving, so I warmed up leftover mashed potatoes and chili from earlier in the week and ate that with a touch of sour cream and cheese.  Then Adeline played in her jumpy thing and on her mat for a bit and I switched/folded laundry.  Then she laid down for a nap.  I was exhausted so I finished watching a Hallmark movie and then I read some of my book.

2:29 She woke up and I nursed her again.  Then I switched the laundry again and folded more laundry and put it away.  Then I cleaned the top shelf of the fridge and rearranged some stuff.  Then I  got some stuff out on the counter for dinner.

3:40 We left to go get Isla from school.

4:20 We were back and I pre heated the oven and got meatballs on the tray and pots out for dinner before I needed to nurse her.  Then I finished making us dinner which consisted of meatball subs, refried bean dip (utilizing leftovers from earlier in the week) and chips.  After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and swept the floor and then I fed her again at 6:05. Then she was getting kind of cranky so my husband went to put her in pajamas and I decided I should probably get in the shower.

7:07 she was still cranky so I fed her for just a bit, then I tried to trim her nails and I cut her.  So that upped the drama.  I got her in bed about quarter to 8.  We were letting out 8 year old stay up later this week to watch the first half hour of the Jeopardy Greatest of All Time Championship.  So then we watched that together and put her to bed at 8:30.

8:30 -     I ate some garlic hummus and pita chips and watched a recorded show "Brad Paisley thinks he's special,"and read some of my book until I went to bed shortly after 10pm.

10:20 Before I could even fall asleep, Adeline woke up and needed to nurse.  I fed her and then finally went to bed.

Hopefully, very soon we will be back to longer sleeps at night! She had been doing 5 hour stretches.  I need those back!!!

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