Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Currently January

Starting out 2020, here is what's up currently...

Reading:  The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams

Loving:  that my mom is retired and I am able to utilize her baby watching services and volunteer in the oldest child's school again!

Feeling: so tired! Glad I am not working.  Also, glad to have the holiday season behind us! 

Anticipating: the weekend and not having to go out into the world twice a day!

Grateful: I am able to stay home, volunteer, and keep our household running smoothly.

Working: purging/cleaning/decluttering our house.

Listening: podcasts.  I'm so far behind anything current.  Have been enjoying Season Three of Slow Burn.

Watching: I have a back log of Hallmark Christmas movies to get me through the winter!

Wishing: that we can get a summer trip planned!

What are you reading> What are you loving?

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