Monday, November 19, 2018

Recent Library Haul

I have been in a major reading slowdown lately and I need to push through it.  It has NOT slowed down my library visits and collecting of library visits that I keep renewing and then have to return and they may not have been read.  Whoops.  Some day I'll get back to it.  Maybe.

Today's visit was for the 7 year old.  She wanted the next book in a series she is reading and I thought I better grab just a couple more before she is off school for a longer break.  Not that we don't have enough books here already. :)

Molly & Mae looks like it's a good book on friendship, so I grabbed it for us to read together.  The Three Little Superpigs is purely because I love all variations of the three little pigs! She is loving the Blast to the Past series and is now on to book three.  We just started reading Meet Addy from the American Girl series so I'm hoping that series will be a win for us too.  I grabbed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because we watched Willy Wonka 2 weeks ago and she loved it, so I thought I'd grab the book.  We've read a few of Dahl's books before but she didn't really care either way about them. 

I am currently finishing up The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin from the library and then I need to read Tony's Wife and Murder in her Stocking for reviews.

What are you reading this week? What are your latest library reads? Do you like Roald Dahl books?

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