Monday, November 12, 2018

Premeditated Peppermint

Premeditated Peppermint came to me at the perfect time.  I've got an evening peppermint tea problem and the peppermint candies this book kept mentioning fit right in.  I may have convinced my husband to even try the peppermint bark recipe that was shared at the end of the book!

This is the third book in Amanda Flower's Amish Candy Shop series.  It definitely was a stand alone book if you are in the mood for a cozy Christmas mystery.  I actually picked up the first in the series today from my library, Assaulted Caramel!

Premeditated Peppermint finds chocolatier Bailey King preparing for her town's Christmas Market.  Bailey has recently moved to Harvest, Ohio to help her Amish grandma run their candy shop after her grandfather's passing.  While Bailey never grew up Amish her grandma and her cousin Charlotte who works in the shop are Amish, as are most of the town's residents.  

Bailey is surprised with a visit from chef Eric Sharp from New York, who brings a television crew to film a Christmas special starring ----- Bailey! Shocked, and a bit peeved to see Eric, Bailey struggles to figure out what she wants for herself now that she is helping her grandma with her shop and left the big city life behind her.  

Another shock has someone dead and Eric the suspect.  Bailey helps out the local deputy in piecing together who was where at the time of the murder and who would have motive.

This book was a quick read with a nice plot.  The characters were fun and there was a bit of humor that reminded me of the Stephanie Plum series that I love so much.  If you are looking for a cozy mystery this winter or a nice holiday read -- pick this one up!

And like I said, I've already checked out the first book in the series from the library.  I also found another series of Flower's that has an Amish aspect to it, A Plain Death, and checked it out too!  We all know how much I love my series reads!

What's your favorite holiday read? Do you have a favorite holiday drink or treat you make?

I received this book for review but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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