Thursday, November 29, 2018


Reading We Were Liars by e. lockhart.  I'm not really feeling it like I thought I would! Family read is By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder and the kiddo and me read aloud currently is David's Search by Joan Lowery  Nixon.

Loving all the family time we had this past weekend.  We had lots of time together, just hanging out and and we all also got to have some time doing things we enjoy.

Feeling tired as apparently 3:45 was the time my body wanted to wake up today.  I did fall asleep from about 6:15 to 7:00 but yawnnnnn.

Thinking about what else I need to do for Christmas shopping.  I'm almost completely done and wrapped.  Which is the first time this has ever happened.  I just need to decide what my husband and I are doing for each other officially and I'm holding out to see if the 7 year old changes her mind on anything.  I still need to get her a Santa gift and probably a couple other things from us.  I think I just have my best-friends son, my best-friend, and my daughter's teacher to think about.

Anticipating a big fat bill for my car.  And crossing my fingers that I can get it fixed and not need a new car.  Yesterday, I was driving and I heard a thunk and smoke started coming out.  I was able to pull over and I ended up calling a tow truck because I was scared to drive it.  Which it was a good thing I did because when we got it up on the tow, we could see SOMETHING HAD FALLEN OUT. WTF???? Let's all cross our fingers that isn't too big of a bill.  Or a new car.   We only like to have 1 or 0 car payments at a time.  My husband got a truck a year ago, so we have his payment.  Our house is paid off in August so we were really hoping to not have another car payment for another year or longer!

Watching blackish! I'm in the middle of Season 3.  We got Hulu on Cyber Monday so I'm excited to check stuff out on there.  Oh and Hallmark Christmas movies!

Working on deciding what to do about Christmas cards.  We usually just use a picture of just the child, and we may need to do that this year but we need to get a GOOD picture.  We don't have any family pictures.

Grateful for road side assistance and insurance that covers a tow!

Listening to podcasts! I just started a new one I'm excited about Countdown to Capture  from the Newport Beach Police Department about an actual open case they are trying to solve.  

Wishing that salads tasted like cheeseburgers!

What are you reading,watching, and listening to? 

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