Saturday, October 6, 2012


- I am currently drinking a fabulous local raspberry wheat beer and enjoying nap time.

- I make no excuses about the fact that I've been horrible about updating my blog.

- I only seem to think of negative post ideas and not all of them should be shared.

- I feel like my thoughts can be shared quicker in a twitter format.

- I'm sad that the sky looks more winter than summer.

- My girl is becoming more and more fun.

- I worry about her speaking all the time even though I know damn well I shouldn't worry yet.

- I love pumpkin.

-  I feel like cooking up all the fun recipes I've pinned but haven't tried but the scale keeps telling me I should pin some more salads.

- I should eat as well as I feed my child but I love cheese too much.

- I'm kind of ready to be over chicken.

- I wish I liked ground turkey.

- I wish money wasn't needed for everything.

- I wish I could decide what I want to do with my schooling.

- I need to stop procrastinating.

- We bought new furniture and I'm super excited!

- I've started Christmas wish lists for everyone in our family and I realllly hope that the people who ask us what we want will actually look at them and not just buy us random crap.

- I hate wedding/baby showers.

- I'm sad that when I had my showers no one really took what I wanted into consideration and get super jealous over cute/small showers that had so much thought/detail put into them.

- I'd love to throw a shower like I mentioned above but I've been ignored.

- I am dreading our family weddings this month.

- I need to find a cheap/reliable/easy to install second convertible car seat and I'm struggling.

- I feel like I'm really succeeding in my goal to not force my viewpoints onto my child (minus the whole ohio state fan thing, that's non-negotiable ;) ).  I mean she eats mushrooms (i hate them), she likes cats and dogs (i do not).  It's all in the baby steps. 

- I'm kind of over martyrs.

- I need to get a family photo done soon.

- I went to the OSU/MSU game last weekend in East Lansing and had a blast.

- I cannot go to any games in Columbus this year because I freaking forgot about my SILs shower that is the day I made plans with my dad to go down.  I'm kind of pissed about this. (see earlier bullet about hating showers)

- I'm loving football season.

- I need a Pumpkin Spice Latte this week.  The cheap gas station stuff isn't working for me anymore.


Happy Saturday.

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